All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2 (S02E22) (epizoda)

Horor / Drama / Mysteriózní / Thriller / Fantasy / Komedie

USA, 2007, 55 min


Kim Manners


Eric Kripke


Serge Ladouceur


Cyrus Yavneh


David Ekstrom
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  • Frantisek.Fu


  • Loki_Six

    "You know when we were little, you couldn't have been more than five, you started asking me questions. Like, how come we didn't have a mom? Why we always have to move around? Where'd dad go? When he'd take off for days at a time. I remember I begged you to quit asking, Sammy, you don't want to know. I just wanted you to be a kid, just a little while longer. I was trying to protect you, keep you safe. Dad didn't even have to tell me, it was just always my responsibility. It was like I had one job. I had one job and I screwed it up. I blew it and for that I am sorry. I guess that's what I do, I let down the people I love. I let dad down. And now, I guess I'm supposed to let you down, too. How can I? How am I supposed to live with that? What am I supposed to do, Sammy? "(12.11.2018)

  • H4ku11

    Čakal som od finále ešte trošku viac a dlhšie zúčtovanie so žltookým.(16.9.2018)

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