Advanced Thanatology (S13E05) (epizoda)

Horor / Drama / Mysteriózní / Thriller / Fantasy / Komedie

USA, 2017, 41 min


Steve Yockey


James Pickel
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  • Loki_Six

    "Meet Dr. Avery Meadows. He worked here back in the early '60s. People would come to him for help with mental illness. But no matter what they had - depression, anxiety, whatever - the cure was always the same. He lobotomized them. Those that lived, he kept as patients. And he would experiment on them in his house, which is exactly where Evan and Shawn were heading that night. When people found out what Meadows was doing, he was tried and executed. But who knows? Maybe he made a demon deal." "Or maybe he wasn't even human to begin with."(12.11.2018)

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