Tichý dům (festivalový název)

  • Uruguay

    La casa muda

  • Velká Británie

    The Silent House

Horor / Thriller / Drama

Uruguay, 2010, 86 min


Pedro Luque

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    • 4.6.2016  21:33
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    Takto si predstavujem lacný a sprostý horor !!!

    Úprava příspěvku, protože podle původního by se mohlo zdát, že se mi film líbil.


    Opravdu ne.

    • 4.6.2016  21:31

    Uživatel __:krux:__ smazal svůj příspěvek.

    • 27.3.2012  16:57
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    Enormita: to nemáš moc vysoké nároky teda :)

    • 27.3.2012  12:00
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    Takto si predstavujem inteligentný horor !!!

    • 18.3.2011  13:35
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    Možné vysvetlenie: Like they´ve said, both her dad and Nestor had sex with her. By the pictures in the movie, you can also see other half naked girls, so I think they were both ephebophiliacs.
    Laura got pregnant and her daughter was killed. There´s a scene in which she tells Nestor: "Vos mataste a mi bebé" (You killed my baby).
    There´s also a scene after the credits in which you first see Laura holding hands with her daughter (The child she saw before Nestor arrived with the car and in the scene were she takes pictures in the dark), talking about visiting grandma. Something gets in the shot (A tree I think) and when they focus on Laura and the child again, the girl is gone and you can see Laura is holding hands with the doll.
    I think after the abuse and the murder of her daughter Laura went insane and killed Nestor and her father. Her mind, already fragile, created the "memory" of someone coming to the house and killing them as a defence mechanism, because her psyche couldnt deal with the fact she had killed them. It´s dissociative amnesia and projection (she blocks the memory of killing them and blames the murders on someone else).