If All the World's a Stage, Identity Is Nothing But a Costume (S02E10) (epizoda)

Drama / Mysteriózní / Sci-Fi / Thriller

USA, 2017, 53 min

  • Loki_Six

    " I thought if you were going to vote for me you should know a few things about me. Once, a Kikuyu woman and a Luo man fell in love with each other. They were urged by both of their families not to marry outside the tribal boundary, but love is a bridge and not a wall, if we let it be. They became husband and wife. At first, they lived with my father's family in Ahero, but I'm afraid the Luo village found a hundred ways to make the new bride feel as if she was a trespasser. So, when I was only a few months old, my parents went to live in the village that my mother was born. Now it was my father's turn to be made to feel like he was an outsider who did not belong. My parents had to leave their homes to find a city where no one knew them. The same prejudice that drove them away was also responsible for taking my father's life when a political difference became a tribal war. I share this story because you have heard many rumors about me and I felt it was time to explain who and what I am. I am Kikuyu. I'm Luo. My business partner and best friend is also mixed. His father, Sudanese. His mother, Kenyan. These are facts that he and I have never talked about, because for us they have never mattered. Nothing good ever happens when people care more about our differences than the things we share in common. The future I hope for is the same as yours. A future where our children grow up never knowing love as a wall but only as a bridge."(8.9.2018)

  • Necrotongue

    Epizoda měla stopáž padesát tři minuty, třicet minut zabrala bollywoodsko- hollywoodsko- mexická telenovela, při které jsem téměř umřel nudou. Zachránily mě občasné vtipné záblesky se Sun, dílu pak výrazně pomohl závěr s Capheovým politickým shromážděním.(8.2.2019)

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