Životopisný / Drama

Indie, 2013, 129 min

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  • HarryB

    Biopic of one of the most controversial figures in Indian law System. "By showing me injustice, he taught me to love justice. By teaching me what pain and humiliation were all about, he awakened my heart to mercy. Through these hardships I learned hard lessons. Fight against prejudice, battle the oppressors, support the underdog. Question authority, shake up the system, never be discouraged by hard times and hard people. Embrace those who are placed last, to whom even bottom looks like up. It took me some time to find my mission in life - that of a criminal defense lawyer. But that school, and that teacher, put me on my true path. So do not be discouraged. Even thorns and thistles can teach you something, and lead to success." - Roy black(5.2.2014)