Epizody (13)

Pilot (E01) 0,0%
It's Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Silk Surgery (E02) 0,0%
You Must Remember This (E03) 0,0%
Not Your Grandmother's Robotic Surgery (E04) 0,0%
Fire and Ice (E05) 0,0%
Bunker Hill, We Have a Problem (E06) 0,0%
A Bunker Hill Christmas (E07) 0,0%
Around the World in Eight Kidneys (E08) 0,0%
Grace (E09) 0,0%
Hero Worship (E10) 0,0%
Touch and Go (E11) 0,0%
I Got This (E12) 0,0%
Life Me Up (E13) 0,0%