Trailer 2
Životopisný / Drama
USA, (2017–2023), 31 h 23 min (Minutáž: 43–75 min)


Walter Isaacson (kniha)


Antonio Banderas, Cynthia Erivo, Johnny Flynn, Geoffrey Rush, Samantha Colley, Alex Rich, Seth Gabel, Clémence Poésy, T.R. Knight, Michael McElhatton (více)
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Génius (2017) 

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently." Nietzsche ()

Einstein (2017) (S01) 

"You know, my father once told me physics is not a vocation. And he was right. For me, it's everything. And general relativity is...well, it's the most beautiful idea I've ever had. The culmination of all my hours daydreaming as a boy, all, all the years of study, of battling those who doubted me. I want the world to see, finally, what I see and marvel at the magnificence of what God has created." ()

Kapitola první (2017) (S01E01) 

"Monogamy is not natural. It is a construct of religious authority. And a foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth." ()

Kapitola druhá (2017) (S01E02) 

"Well, no man ever married a woman for her mind, hmm?" ()

Kapitola třetí (2017) (S01E03) 

"She's like nobody I've ever met before. I felt this this pull towards her. Since I saw her, I I should be thrilled, but... Well, now I feel this opposing force pulling me down. I'm just getting started with my life. I'm worried that if I marry her, I'll never take flight." ()

Kapitola čtvrtá (2017) (S01E04) 

"I've spent my entire life being overlooked and underestimated. Giving up is a luxury I could never afford. You can either wait for those dinosaurs to give you permission to engage in the scientific world, or you can show them. That your ideas can not be snuffed out by those who lack imagination." ()

Kapitola pátá (2017) (S01E05) 

"I wish I could just move beyond the damn theory. It makes me feel like a, like a charlatan. It only covers a specialized circumstance. Speed's not always constant. The world is spinning. That's a form of acceleration. The theory disregards that entirely and it says nothing at all about gravity. The theory is still incomplete. I'm stalled. And to make matters worse, I've been asked to lecture on it at a conference in Salzburg." ()

Kapitola šestá (2017) (S01E06) 

"If I'm not mistaken, it was Elsa who helped make arrangements for your move. Elsa is not a bad woman. They rarely are. And you must find a way to cope with that. As we all must. You may rage in moral superiority, as I did, you can sulk in futile silence, or you might find it more satisfying to allow yourself the same freedom. Don't you deserve to feel loved?" ()

Kapitola sedmá (2017) (S01E07) 

"Peace cannot be kept by force, Fritz. It can only be achieved by understanding." ()

Kapitola osmá (2017) (S01E08) 

"I'm a Jew. Zionism, communism these are not the threats that should be concerning you, Mr.Geist. It's fascism that should have you trembling." ()

Kapitola devátá (2017) (S01E09) 

"Germany has betrayed you, Fritz." "No. The Nazis have betrayed Germany." ()

Kapitola desátá (2017) (S01E10) 

"Do what you will with the brain. But if you think you can comprehend who my father was or why he was so brilliant by looking at his brain under a microscope, you are sorely mistaken. It is just a thing. That, that is not the man." ()

Picasso (2018) (S02) 

"Painting is not meant to decorate apartments. It's meant to be a weapon." ()

Kapitola první (2018) (S02E01) 

"I am going to be a great artist one day, Papa. But I will do it in my own way." ()

Kapitola druhá (2018) (S02E02) 

"So, when the fascists were far away in Spain, y-you wanted to fight them. You wanted me to paint Guernica. And now that they are on our doorstep, y-y-you just want to run away?" ()

Kapitola třetí (2018) (S02E03) 

"Love can rage so strong, that it burns itself out. You start as lovers. But if you are not careful, you become victims of your own passion." ()

Kapitola čtvrtá (2018) (S02E04) 

"This artist has more than just talent. He has vision." ()

Kapitola pátá (2018) (S02E05) 

"Master the rules, so you know how to break them." ()

Kapitola šestá (2018) (S02E06) 

"Ooh, to be settled is the death of an artist." ()

Kapitola sedmá (2018) (S02E07) 

"You are blinded by nationalism. This war is not for France, it is-it is not for freedom. It is for imperialists and bankers!" ()

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