Příběh služebnice (TV seriál)

  • USA

    The Handmaid's Tale

  • Slovensko

    Príbeh služobníčky

Drama / Sci-Fi

USA, 2017–2020, 38 h 47 min (Minutáž: 44–60 min)


Bruce Miller


Margaret Atwood (kniha)


Adam Taylor


Elisabeth Moss, Alexis Bledel, O.T. Fagbenle, Joseph Fiennes, Max Minghella, Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, Amanda Brugel, Ever Carradine, Madeline Brewer, Robert Curtis Brown, Kristen Gutoskie, Edie Inksetter, Stephen Kunken, Jim Cummings, Cyndy Day, Ann Dowd, Kim Roberts, Bea Santos, Erin Way, Shane Daly, Kristian Bruun, Nina Kiri, Amish Patel, Tattiawna Jones, Jenessa Grant, Zabryna Guevara, Ben Lewis, Christian Lloyd, Kirsten Johnson, Adrian Griffin, Meghan Allen, Clea DuVall, Jonathan Malen, Marisa Tomei, Tim Ransom, Bahia Watson, Jordana Blake, John Carroll Lynch, Nicky Guadagni, Janet Pinnick, Mark Wiebe, Cherry Jones, Philip Craig, Vas Saranga, Joanna Douglas, Trevor Hayes, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Kelly Jenrette, Greg Bryk, Sydney Sweeney, Soo Garay, Paula Boudreau, Margaret Atwood, Elise Bauman, Christopher Thompson, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Krista Morin, Nina Iordanova, James Gilbert, Karen Robinson, Dan Beirne, Christian Barillas, Marvin Kaye, Sam Jaeger, Bradley Whitford, Julie Dretzin, Chris Gillett, David Tompa, Vanessa Matsui, Oprah Winfrey, Lesleh Donaldson, David Kirby, Angela Thompson, Julia Chantrey, Ricky Tollman, Alana Pancyr, Ipsita Paul, Isaiah Rockcliffe, Amy Landecker, Ashleigh LaThrop, Natalie Lisinska, Kathryn Greenwood, Dylan Trowbridge, Jonathan Watton, Laila Robins, Samy Osman, Hélène Robbie, Kirsten Wendlandt, Christopher Meloni, Elizabeth Reaser, Sarah McVie, John Ortiz, Emily Althaus, Stefanie Nakamura, Gil Bellows, Sadie Munroe, Lilly Bartlam, Deidrie Henry, Paniz Zade, Daniel Jun, Kate Moyer, Joanne Boland, Michala Brasseur
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Komentáře uživatele Loki_Six k tomuto TV seriálu

  • Příběh služebnice (TV seriál) (2017)

    "This could be an Airbnb. Not a great one. Three-star reviews, maybe. Amazing house, tons of character, nice view of the yard. Owners are super polite, but creepy as fuck. Some ritualized rape required."(10.5.2019)

  • Série 1 (série) (2017)

    "A perfect gift. A girl trapped in a box. She only dances when someone opens the lid, when someone else winds her up. If this is a story I'm telling, I must be telling it to someone. There's always someone, even when there's no one. I will not be that girl in the box."(15.3.2019)

  • Offred (S01E01) (epizoda) (2017)

    "A chair. A table, a lamp. There's a window with white curtains, and the glass is shatterproof. But it isn't running away they're afraid of. A Handmaid wouldn't get far. It's those other escapes. The ones you can open in yourself given a cutting edge. Or a twisted sheet and a chandelier. I try not to think about those escapes. It's harder on ceremony days, but thinking can hurt your chances. My name is Offred. I had another name, but it's forbidden now. So many things are forbidden now."(13.1.2019)

  • Den porodu (S01E02) (epizoda) (2017)

    "Blessed be the fruit." "May the Lord open."(14.1.2019)

  • Pozdě (S01E03) (epizoda) (2017)

    "Now I'm awake to the world. I was asleep before. That's how we let it happen. When they slaughtered Congress, we didn't wake up. When they blamed terrorists and suspended the Constitution, we didn't wake up then either. They said it would be temporary. Nothing changes instantaneously. In a gradually heating bathtub, you'd be boiled to death before you knew it."(30.1.2019)

  • Nedovol těm parchantům, aby tě zničili (S01E04) (epizoda) (2017)

    "Do you know what's most painful? The most painful thing in this entire ugly incident is the ingratitude. Don't you realize the opportunity you have been given? You were an adulterer, a worthless slut! But God found a way to make you useful. So, where's the gratitude?"(30.1.2019)

  • Věrní (S01E05) (epizoda) (2017)

    "We only wanted to make the world better. Better never means better for everyone. It always means worse for some."(28.2.2019)

  • Místo pro ženu (S01E06) (epizoda) (2017)

    "Well, this is our fault. We gave them more than they could handle. They put so much focus on academic pursuits and professional ambition, we let them forget their real purpose. We won't let that happen again."(28.2.2019)

  • Na druhé straně (S01E07) (epizoda) (2017)

    "Do you know a woman named June Osborn? She's 31, blonde hair, blue eyes, from Boston?"(28.2.2019)

  • Jezábel (S01E08) (epizoda) (2017)

    "It's hard making it in a society that only cares about profit and pleasure. No wonder God has turned His back on us. No wonder there are no children. He doesn't want them to grow up in this screwed-up world. Who can blame Him?"(15.3.2019)

  • Most (S01E09) (epizoda) (2017)

    "I know the way out. Black van, feet first. This is Gilead. No one gets out."(15.3.2019)

  • Noc (S01E10) (epizoda) (2017)

    "It's their fault. They should have never given us uniforms if they didn't want us to be an army."(15.3.2019)

  • Série 2 (série) (2018)

    "This country is going down the fucking tubes. It's time to get out in the street and fight, not just play house."(29.5.2019)

  • June (S02E01) (epizoda) (2018)

    "Our father who art in Heaven... What the actual fuck?"(10.5.2019)

  • Neženy (S02E02) (epizoda) (2018)

    "Gilead knows no bounds," Aunt Lydia said. "Gilead is within you. Like the spirit of the Lord." Or the Commander's cock. Or cancer.(31.5.2019)

  • Přítěž (S02E03) (epizoda) (2018)

    "No mother is ever, completely, a child's idea of what a mother should be, and I suppose it works the other way around as well."(29.5.2019)

  • Jiné ženy (S02E04) (epizoda) (2018)

    "I would like to be without shame. I would like to be shameless. I would like to be ignorant. Then I would not know how ignorant I was."(31.5.2019)

  • Zrnka (S02E05) (epizoda) (2018)

    "And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him a help meet for him. And the rib, which the Lord God hath taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception, in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children, and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee."(31.5.2019)

  • První krev (S02E06) (epizoda) (2018)

    "The dynamics between a Wife and a pregnant Handmaid are always challenging. But if you'll forgive me, you have been blessed - with a particularly willful pair."(31.5.2019)

  • Poté (S02E07) (epizoda) (2018)

    "Not found my way out of this night. My life It's tangled in wishes and so many things just never turned out right. I wish I could give you a world without violence. Without pain. That's all I ever wanted."(31.5.2019)

  • Ženská práce (S02E08) (epizoda) (2018)

    Someone once said, "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."(31.5.2019)

  • Chytrá síla (S02E09) (epizoda) (2018)

    "This could be an Airbnb. Not a great one. Three-star reviews, maybe. Amazing house, tons of character, nice view of the yard. Owners are super polite, but creepy as fuck. Some ritualized rape required."(3.6.2019)

  • Poslední obřad (S02E10) (epizoda) (2018)

    "I shouldn't have expected you to understand. You have no idea what it is like to have a child of your own flesh and blood. And you never will."(9.6.2019)

  • Holly (S02E11) (epizoda) (2018)

    "I'm sorry there is so much pain in this story. I'm sorry it's in fragments, like a body caught in crossfire or pulled apart by force. But there's nothing I can do to change it. I've tried to put some of the good things in as well."(24.6.2019)

  • Po porodu (S02E12) (epizoda) (2018)

    "I'm wondering why such an important, brilliant man would take in such a shitty Handmaid."(25.6.2019)

  • Slovo Boží (S02E13) (epizoda) (2018)

    "I'm getting myself in deep shit."(1.7.2019)