Smíření (S01E06) (epizoda)

  • USA

    Pax Soprana

Drama / Krimi

USA, 1999, 50 min

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  • 0verseer

    ”When's the last time you had a prostate exam?” “Hey, I don't even let anyone wag their finger in my face.” Zamilovaný Tony a nástup mužov zákona na scénu. Viac takýchto epizód!(20.3.2018)

  • Loki_Six

    "Remember the story you told me about the father bull talking to the son? They're up on this hill and looking down on a bunch of cows. And the son goes to the father, "Dad, why don't we run down there and fuck one of these cows?" Now do you remember what the father said? Father says, "Son, why don't we walk down there and fuck them all?" "(7.12.2017)