Edmund Breese

  • nar. 18.6.1871
    Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 6.4.1936 (64 let)
    New York City, New York, USA


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1935 The Marriage Bargain
1934 Beloved
Come On, Marines!
Dancing Man
Dostihy smrti
Law of the Wild
Lost in the Stratosphere
Ostrov pokladů
Return of the Terror
1933 A Man of Sentiment
Above the Clouds
Billion Dollar Scandal
Fighting with Kit Carson
International House
Kachní polévka
Ladies Must Love
Laughing at Life
On Your Guard
Only Yesterday
Torchy Turns Turtle
Torchy's Kitty Coup
Torchy's Loud Spooker
1932 Alias Mary Smith
Cross Examination
Drifting Souls
Jakou mě chceš mít
Love Bound
Madame Butterfly
Police Court
The Cabin in the Cotton
The Golden West
The Hatchet Man
The Hurricane Express
The Match King
The Reckoning
Torchy Raises the Auntie
Torchy Rolls His Own
Torchy Turns the Trick
Torchy's Busy Day
Torchy's Night Cap
Torchy's Two Toots
Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposure
Women Won't Tell
Young Bride
1931 Chinatown After Dark
Defenders of the Law
Mata Hari
Morals for Women
Oh! Oh! Cleopatra
Platinová blondýnka
The Good Bad Girl
The Last Parade
The Painted Desert
The Public Defender
The She-Wolf
Torchy Passes the Buck
Young Sinners
1930 Bright Lights
Czar of Broadway
Hold Everything
Na západní frontě klid
Playboy of Paris
Playthings of Hollywood
Rough Waters
The Sea Bat
Tol'able David
Top Speed
1929 Fancy Baggage
From Headquarters
Girls Gone Wild
In the Headlines
Port of Dreams
Sonny Boy
The Gamblers
The Hottentot
1928 Burning Daylight
Finders Keepers
On Trial
The Haunted House
The Perfect Crime
Wright Idea, The
1927 Back to Liberty
Home Made
Paradise for Two
1926 Stepping Along
The Brown Derby
The Highbinders
1925 Police Patrol, The
The Early Bird
The Live Wire
1924 Damaged Hearts
Playthings of Desire
Restless Wives
Sixth Commandment, The
Speed Spook, The
Those Who Judge
1923 Bright Lights of Broadway
Fair Cheat, The
Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriers
Little Red School House
Marriage Morals
Three O'Clock in the Morning
You Are Guilty
1922 Beyond the Rainbow
Sure-Fire Flint
The Curse of Drink
1921 Burn 'Em Up Barnes
1920 Chains of Evidence
Common Level, A
His Temporary Wife
1919 Honorable Cad, An
Someone Must Pay
1916 Lure of Heart's Desire, The
Spell of the Yukon, The
Weakness of Strength, The
1915 The Shooting of Dan McGrew
The Song of the Wage Slave
1914 The Master Mind
The Walls of Jericho


1933 How to Break 90 #6: Fine Points
1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 14

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