Wally Patch

  • nar. 26.9.1888
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 27.10.1970 (82 let)
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie


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Herecká filmografie


1962 Danger by My Side
1960 Operation Cupid
1955 Josephine and Men
1950 Twenty Questions Murder Mystery, The
1948 Calling Paul Temple
Date with a Dream
1947 Green Fingers
1946 Gaiety George
Wanted for Murder
1945 Don Chicago
Dumb Dora Discovers Tobacco
Read All About It
1943 Strange to Relate
Women in Bondage
Život a smrt plukovníka Blimpa
1942 Gert and Daisy's Weekend
Let the People Sing
Sabotage at Sea
The Seventh Survivor
We'll Smile Again
1941 Facing the Music
I Thank You
Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It
Once a Crook
Pronajme se dům
1940 Charley's Big-Hearted Aunt
Laugh It Off
Neutral Port
Noční vlak do Mnichova
Pack Up Your Troubles
Poison Pen
Return to Yesterday
1939 Band Waggon
Home from Home
Home from Home
Inspector Hornleigh
Mind of Mr. Reeder, The
What Would You Do, Chums?
1938 Alf's Button Afloat
Bank Holiday
Break the News
Night Alone
Owd Bob
Quiet Please
Ringer, The (TV film)
The Ware Case
1937 Captain's Orders
Doctor Syn
Farewell Again
Luck of the Turf
Night Ride
Street Singer, The
The High Command
The Man Who Made Diamonds
1936 Dusty Ermine
Hail and Farewell
King of the Castle
Muži nejsou bozi
The Man Who Could Work Miracles
Ticket of Leave
What the Puppy Said
Wife Or Two, A
1935 Brewster's Millions
Get Off My Foot
His Majesty and Co
Marry the Girl
No Monkey Business
Old Faithful
Once in a New Moon
Public Life of Henry the Ninth, The
Street Song
That's My Uncle
The Half-Day Excursion
What the Parrot Saw
While Parents Sleep
1934 A Glimpse of Paradise
Orders Is Orders
The Scoop
Tiger Bay
1933 Don Quixote
The Crime at Blossoms
1932 Here's George
Heroes of the Mine
1931 Never Trouble Trouble
Tell England
1930 Kissing Cup's Race
Warned Off
1929 Velezrada
1927 Carry On!
The Luck of the Navy

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