Garry Marsh

  • nar. 21.5.1902
    St Margarets, Middlesex, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 6.3.1981 (78 let)
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie


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Herecká filmografie


1970 It's the Only Way to Go
1969 Arthur! Arthur!
1967 Dial M for Murder (TV film)
1966 Where the Bullets Fly
1964 Ring of Spies
1960 Trouble with Eve
1956 Johnny You're Wanted
Who Done It?
1955 Man of the Moment
1954 Aunt Clara
Double Exposure
1953 Those People Next Door
1952 Lost Hours, The
The Voice of Merrill
1951 Kouzelná skříňka
Madame Louise
Old Mother Riley's Jungle Treasure
Worm's Eye View
1950 Someone at the Door
Something in the City
1949 Badger's Green
Miss Pilgrim's Progress
Murder at the Windmill
Paper Orchid
1948 Daybreak
Good Time Girl
My Brother's Keeper
William Comes to Town
1947 Frieda
Just William's Luck
Koketování se zločinem
The Shop at Sly Corner
Things Happen at Night
While the Sun Shines
1946 A Girl in a Million
1945 I'll Be Your Sweetheart
Pink String and Sealing Wax
Přízraky noci
The Rake's Progress
1940 Hoots Mon!
Let George Do It!
Old Mother Riley Joins Up
Return to Yesterday
1939 Let's Be Famous
The Four Just Men
This Man in Paris
Z deště pod okap
1938 Bank Holiday
Break the News
Claydon Treasure Mystery, The
Convict 99
Dark Stairway, The
I See Ice
It's in the Air
Ringer, The (TV film)
This Man Is News
1937 Intimate Relations
It's a Grand Old World
Leave It to Me
Melody and Romance
Romance in Flanders, A
The Angelus
Vicar of Bray, The
1936 All In
Debt of Honor
Man in the Mirror
The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss
When Knights Were Bold
Wife Or Two, A
1935 Charing Cross Road
Death on the Set
Department Store
Full Circle
Inside the Room
Mr. What's-His-Name?
Night Mail
Three Witnesses
Vánoční koleda
Widow's Might
1934 Gay Love
It's a Cop
Josser on the Farm
Money Mad
Rolling in Money
Silver Spoon, The
The Green Pack
Warn London
1933 Ask Beccles
Falling for You
Forging Ahead
Lost Chord, The
Love Nest, The
Taxi to Paradise
That's a Good Girl
Two Wives for Henry
1932 After Office Hours
Don't Be a Dummy
Fires of Fate
The Maid of the Mountains
The Star Reporter
Číslo sedmnáct
1931 Dr. Josser, K.C.
Eternal Feminine, The
Keepers of Youth
The Dreyfus Case
The Man They Couldn't Arrest
The Professional Guest
Third Time Lucky
Uneasy Virtue
1930 Night Birds
1922 Long Odds

TV seriály

1967 Misleading Cases (TV seriál)
Sága rodu Forsytů (TV seriál)
1965 The Flying Swan (TV seriál)
1964 Frankie Howerd (TV seriál)
1962 Man of the World (TV seriál)
1961 The Avengers (TV seriál)
1960 BBC Sunday-Night Play (TV seriál)
1959 Don't Tell Father (TV seriál)
1956 The Errol Flynn Theatre (TV seriál)


1995 Heroes of Comedy (TV seriál) - a.z.
1977 To See Such Fun - a.z.

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