Ben Alexander

  • nar. 26.5.1911
    Goldfield, Nevada, USA
  • zem. 5.7.1969 (58 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1957 Man in the Shadow
People (TV film)
1954 Dragnet
1941 Criminals Within
1940 American Portrait
The Leather Pushers
1939 Buried Alive
Convict's Code
1938 Mr. Doodle Kicks Off
Russian Dressing
The Spy Ring
1937 Smím prosit?
The Legion of Missing Men
The Life of the Party
The Outer Gate
Western Gold
1936 Hearts in Bondage
Red Lights Ahead
1935 Annapolis Farewell
Born to Gamble
Fire-Trap, The
Grand Old Girl
Reckless Roads
1934 Flirtation
Most Precious Thing in Life
Once to Every Woman
The Life of Vergie Winters
1933 Alias the Professor
Daddy Knows Best
Mister Mugg
Roadhouse Queen
Stage Mother
This Day and Age
What Price Innocence?
1932 High Pressure
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
The Vanishing Frontier
The Wet Parade
Tom Brown of Culver
1931 Are These Our Children?
It's a Wise Child
Many a Slip
Suicide Fleet
1930 Na západní frontě klid
1929 The Divine Lady
The Lunkhead
1927 Fighting for Fame
Two to One - a.z.
1926 Scotty of the Scouts
The Highbinders
1925 Flaming Love
Pampered Youth
The Shining Adventure
Wildcat Willie
1924 A Self-Made Failure
Barnum Junior
Dirty Hands
Junior Partner
1923 Boy of Mine
Jealous Husbands
Penrod and Sam
Yankee Spirit, The
1922 Broadcasting
In the Name of the Law
Wanted, a Story
1921 The Heart Line
1920 Blue Streak McCoy
Family Honor, The
The Notorious Mrs. Sands
Through Eyes of Men
Triflers, The
1919 Josselyn's Wife
Tangled Threads
The Better Wife
The Hushed Hour
The Mayor of Filbert
The Turn in the Road
The White Heather
1918 Lady of the Dugout, The
Little Orphant Annie
Srdce světa
The Heart of Rachael
The One Woman
1917 The Little American
1916 Each Pearl a Tear

TV seriály

1966 Batman (TV seriál)
The Felony Squad (TV seriál)
1956 On Trial (TV seriál)
1951 Dragnet (TV seriál)


2008 Pioneers of Television (TV seriál) - a.z.
1965 Hollywood My Home Town - a.z.
1953 Better Living TV Theatre (TV seriál)
1938 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 1


TV pořady

1960 About Faces (TV pořad)
1959 Take a Good Look (TV pořad)
1956 The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (TV pořad)
1954 A Star Is Born World Premiere (TV pořad)
1952 This Is Your Life (TV pořad)
1950 The Colgate Comedy Hour (TV pořad)

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