Paul Kelly

  • nar. 9.8.1899
    Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 6.11.1956 (57 let)
    Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1957 Bailout at 43,000
Curfew Breakers
1956 Storm Center
1955 Atomic Energy as a Force for Good
Square Jungle, The
1954 Duffy of San Quentin
Johnny Dark
Rozbouřené nebe
The Steel Cage
1953 Gunsmoke
Split Second
1952 Springfieldka
1951 Lassie's Adventures in the Goldrush
1950 Frenchie
Guilty of Treason
Side Street
The File on Thelma Jordon
The Secret Fury
1947 Adventure Island
Fear in the Night
Křížový výslech
Spoilers of the North
1946 Deadline for Murder
Strange Journey
The Cat Creeps
The Glass Alibi
1945 Allotment Wives
China's Little Devils
Grissly's Millions
San Antonio
1944 Dead Man's Eyes
Faces in the Fog
The Story of Dr. Wassell
1943 Man from Music Mountain
1942 Call Out the Marines
Flying Tigers
Mr. and Mrs. North
Not a Ladies' Man
Tarzanovo newyorské dobrodružství
The Secret Code
Tough As They Come
1941 I'll Wait for You
Mystery Ship
Parachute Battalion
Ziegfeld Girl
1940 Flight Command
Girls Under 21
Queen of the Mob
The Howards of Virginia
1939 6000 Enemies
Bouřlivá dvacátá léta
Forged Passport
Invisible Stripes
Mimo zákon
The Flying Irishman
1938 Adventure in Sahara
Island in the Sky
Juvenile Court
The Devil's Party
The Missing Guest
The Nurse from Brooklyn
Torchy Blane in Panama
1937 Fit for a King
It Happened Out West
Join the Marines
Námořní kadeti
Parole Racket
The Frame-Up
1936 Here Comes Trouble
Murder with Pictures
My Marriage
Song and Dance Man
The Accusing Finger
The Country Beyond
Women Are Trouble
1935 It's a Great Life
Public Hero #1
Silk Hat Kid
Speed Devils
Star of Midnight
When a Man's a Man
1934 Blind Date
Death on the Diamond
School for Girls
Side Streets
The Love Captive
The President Vanishes
1933 Broadway Through a Keyhole
1932 The Girl from Calgary
1927 Poor Nut, The
Slide, Kelly, Slide
Special Delivery
1926 New Klondike, The
1921 Great Adventure, The
Old Oaken Bucket, The
1920 Uncle Sam of Freedom Ridge
1919 Anne of Green Gables
Fit to Win
1917 Knights of the Square Table
Star Spangled Banner, The
1916 Claudia
Myrtle the Manicurist
The Doctor of the Afternoon Arm
1915 A Family Picnic
Esterbrook Case, The
Jarr Family Discovers Harlem, The
Jarrs Visit Arcadia, The
Mr. Jarr Brings Home a Turkey
Mr. Jarr Takes a Night Off
Mr. Jarr Visits His Home Town
Mr. Jarr and Circumstantial Evidence
Mr. Jarr and Gertrude's Beaux
Mr. Jarr and Love's Young Dream
Mr. Jarr and the Captive Maiden
Mr. Jarr and the Dachshund
Mr. Jarr and the Ladies' Cup
Mr. Jarr and the Lady Reformer
Mr. Jarr and the Visiting Firemen
Mr. Jarr's Big Vacation
Mr. Jarr's Magnetic Friend
Mrs. Jarr and the Beauty Treatment
Mrs. Jarr and the Society Circus
Mrs. Jarr's Auction Bridge
Shabbies, The
The Closing of the Circuit
1914 A Good Little Devil
Buddy's Downfall
Buddy's First Call
Gang, The
Horseshoe -- for Luck, A
Kill or Cure
Lillian's Dilemma
Polishing Up
Spirit and the Clay, The
The Locked House
1913 Counsellor Bobby
Cutey Tries Reporting
Dick, the Dead Shot
Father and Son: or, The Curse of the Golden Land
Fortune Hunters of Hicksville, The
Lion's Bride, The
Mouse and the Lion, The
Roughing the Cub
The Feudists
The Price of Thoughtlessness
When Glasses Are Not Glasses
1912 A Juvenile Love Affair
Billy's Burglar
Billy's Pipe Dream
Burnt Cork
Captain Barnacle's Waif
Expensive Shine, An
Six O'Clock
1911 Captain Barnacle, Diplomat
Daddy's Boy and Mammy
How Millie Became an Actress
Jimmie's Job

TV seriály

1955 Crossroads (TV seriál)
Front Row Center (TV seriál)
1954 The Whistler (TV seriál)
1952 Cavalcade of America (TV seriál)
1951 Celanese Theatre (TV seriál)
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV seriál)
1950 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (TV seriál)
Robert Montgomery Presents (TV seriál)
1949 Fireside Theatre (TV seriál)
1948 The Ford Theatre Hour (TV seriál)


1940 Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 9: Sports in Hollywood
1938 Breakdowns of 1938
1937 Screen Snapshots Series 16, No. 6
Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 2
1936 Screen Snapshots Series 15, No. 7

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