Roscoe Karns

  • nar. 7.9.1891
    San Bernardino, California, USA
  • zem. 6.2.1970 (78 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1964 Man's Favorite Sport?
1958 Onionhead
1956 Columbia Laff Hour - a.z.
1948 Devil's Cargo
Speed to Spare
Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven
The Inside Story
1947 That's My Man
Vigilantes of Boomtown
1946 Avalanche
I Ring Doorbells
One Way to Love
1944 Hi, Good Lookin'!
Minstrel Man
The Navy Way
1943 My Son, the Hero
Old Acquaintance
Riding High
Sestra jeho komorníka
Stage Door Canteen
1942 A Tragedy at Midnight
Nejprve stvořil ženu
Yokel Boy
You Can't Escape Forever
1941 Black Eyes and Blues
Footsteps in the Dark
Half Shot at Sunrise
Petticoat Politics
Road to Happiness
The Gay Vagabond
1940 Double Alibi
Jeho dívka Pátek
Jezdci noci
Ladies Must Live
Meet the Missus
Saturday's Children
1939 Dancing Co-Ed
Everything's on Ice
King of Chinatown
That's Right - You're Wrong
1938 Nebezpečný svědek
Scandal Street
Thanks for the Memory
Tip-Off Girls
You and Me
1937 Clarence
Murder Goes to College
Night of Mystery
On Such a Night
Partners in Crime
1936 Border Flight
Cain and Mabel
Three Cheers for Love
Three Married Men
Woman Trap
1935 Alibi Ike
Four Hours to Kill!
Front Page Woman
Red Hot Tires
Wings in the Dark
1934 Come On, Marines!
Dvacáté století
Elmer and Elsie
I Sell Anything
Search for Beauty
Shoot the Works
Stalo se jedné noci
1933 A Lady's Profession
Alice in Wonderland
Gambling Ship
Grand Slam
Lawyer Man
One Sunday Afternoon
The Women in His Life
Today We Live
1932 If I Had a Million
Night After Night
The Crooked Circle
The Roadhouse Murder
They Call It Sin
Two Against the World
Tři v kruhu
Under-Cover Man
Week-end Marriage
1931 Ladies of the Big House
Laughing Sinners
Left Over Ladies
Many a Slip
U. S. 311
1930 Little Accident
Man Trouble
Safety in Numbers
The Costello Case
The Gorilla
Troopers Three
1929 Copy
New York Nights
The Flying Fleet
This Thing Called Love
1928 Beau Sabreur
Jazz Mad
Moran of the Marines
Object: Alimony
Something Always Happens
The Desert Bride
The Shopworn Angel
The Trail of '98
The Vanishing Pioneer
Warming Up
Win That Girl
Žebráci života
1927 Jazzový zpěvák
Ten Modern Commandments
1926 You'd Be Surprised
1925 Dollar Down
The Overland Limited
1924 Bluff
Foolish Virgin, The
Midnight Express, The
1923 Desatero přikázání
Down to the Ship to See
Other Men's Daughters
1922 Afraid to Fight
Conquering the Woman
Her Own Money
Trouper, The
1921 Man Tamer, The
Too Much Married
1920 Family Honor, The
Life of the Party
1919 Brides for Two
Oh, Susie, Be Careful
Poor Relations
Sally's Blighted Career
1918 Know Thy Wife
1915 From Champion to Tramp
Mr. Carlson of Arizona
Species of Mexican Man, A
Western Governor's Humanity, A

TV seriály

1962 The Lucy Show (TV seriál)
1959 Hennesey (TV seriál)
1957 Richard Diamond, Private Detective (TV seriál)
1954 December Bride (TV seriál)
1950 Inside Detective (TV seriál)
1948 The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (TV seriál)


1997 Frank Capra's American Dream (TV film) - a.z.
1987 Biography (TV seriál) - a.z.
1941 Meet the Stars #6: Stars at Play

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