Paul McVey

  • nar. 17.3.1898
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • zem. 1973


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Herecká filmografie


1958 The Last Hurrah
1953 Girls in the Night
1952 Bwana Devil
Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
No Room for the Groom
Vrať se, Sábinko
1951 The Lady Pays Off
1950 Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town
Perfect Strangers
1948 Síla zla
1945 The Great John L.
1944 Lady in the Dark
Rainbow Island
The Story of Dr. Wassell
1943 Crazy House
Flight for Freedom
Happy Go Lucky
Henry Aldrich Haunts a House
I katové umírají!
Keep 'Em Slugging
Mystery of the 13th Guest
Silver Skates
Smart Guy
Spy Train
The Iron Major
You Can't Beat the Law
1942 Are Husbands Necessary?
Brooklyn Orchid
Butch Minds the Baby
Danger in the Pacific
Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant
Frisco Lil
Gang Busters
Smith of Minnesota
The Living Ghost
The Magnificent Dope
The Yukon Patrol - a.z.
Three Smart Saps
1941 Adventure in Washington
Harmon of Michigan
Kiss the Boys Goodbye
New York Town
Our Wife
Pacific Blackout
Sbohem mládí
The Corsican Brothers
The Monster and the Girl
The Officer and the Lady
Too Many Blondes
World Premiere
1940 Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
I Take This Woman
King of the Royal Mounted
Lillian Russell
Phantom of Chinatown
Stranger on the Third Floor
The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
The Saint Takes Over
1939 Barricade
Bubny víří
Buried Alive
Hollywood Cavalcade
Inside Information
Panama Patrol
Sergeant Madden
Slightly Honorable
1938 Alexandrův ragtime band
Always Goodbye
Four Men and a Prayer
Hold That Co-ed
International Settlement
Island in the Sky
Just Around the Corner
Meet the Girls
Mysterious Mr. Moto
One Wild Night
Passport Husband
Safety in Numbers
Speed to Burn
Straight, Place and Show
The Baroness and the Butler
The Night Hawk
Walking Down Broadway
1937 Angel's Holiday
Fair Warning
Midnight Taxi
Nancy Steele Is Missing!
One Mile From Heaven
Second Honeymoon
She Had to Eat
Sing and Be Happy
Slečna spisovatel
That I May Live
This Is My Affair
Time Out for Romance
Veřejný ženich
1936 36 Hours to Kill
Cesta ke slávě
Charlie Chan at the Circus
Fifteen Maiden Lane
Half Angel
Human Cargo
King of Burlesque
Královna ledu
Ladies in Love
My Marriage
Private Number
Sing, Baby, Sing
Sins of Man
Slepý pasažér
Thank You, Jeeves!
The Country Beyond
The Country Doctor
The Crime of Dr. Forbes
Zajatec ostrova žraloků
Žena v rozvodu
1935 Bad Boy
Charlie Chan in Paris
Danteho peklo
George White's 1935 Scandals
Ladies Love Danger
Life Begins at Forty
Malý plukovník
Music Is Magic
Professional Soldier
Redheads on Parade
Show Them No Mercy!
The Daring Young Man
The Gay Deception
The Great Hotel Murder
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
Under Pressure
1934 365 Nights in Hollywood
Bottoms Up
Charlie Chan's Courage
Coming-Out Party
Judge Priest
Marie Galante
Now I'll Tell
She Learned About Sailors
Stand Up and Cheer!
The World Moves On
Wild Gold
Zářící oči
1933 Ann Carver's Profession
Below the Sea
Cocktail Hour
Jimmy and Sally
Melody Cruise
Midshipman Jack
1932 State's Attorney
1929 The Phantom in the House

TV seriály

1956 The Kaiser Aluminum Hour (TV seriál)
1950 Racket Squad (TV seriál)

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