Arnold Stang

  • nar. 28.9.1918
    Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 20.12.2009 (91 let)
    Newton, Massachusetts, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1995 Buick Berle Show, 1954, The
1993 Dennis - postrach okolí
1991 Clippers (TV film)
1990 Můj táta je duch
1987 Lyle, Lyle Crocodile: The Musical: The House on East 88th Street
Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats
1983 Wrong Way Kid (TV film)
1980 Pogo for President: 'I Go Pogo'
1978 To Catch a Halibut
1977 Fourth King, The (TV film)
Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
1976 Mama
Sweat Hog Shark
To Catch a Halibut
1972 Marco Polo Junior
1970 Herkules v New Yorku
1969 Hello Down There
1968 Skidoo
1966 Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar
1964 Pinocchio In Outer Space
1963 To je ale bláznivý svět
1962 Slippery Slippers
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm
1961 Dondi
Kooky Loopy
1959 Felineous Assault
Fun on Furlough
Katnip's Big Day
Owly to Bed
1958 Frighty Cat
You Said a Mouseful
1957 Cat in the Act
From Made to Worse
One Funny Knight
Sky Scrappers
1956 Hide and Peak
Mousetro Herman
Will Do Mousework
1955 Bicep Built for Two
Mouse Trapeze
Mousier Herman
Mousieur Herman
Muž se zlatou paží
Robin Rodenthood
1954 Of Mice and Menace
Rail Rodents
Ship A-Hooey
Surf and Sound
1953 Drinks on the Mouse
Herman the Catoonist
Northwest Mousie
Of Mice and Magic
1952 Cat Carson Rides Again
City Kitty
1951 Cat Tamale
Mice Paradise
Two Gals and a Guy
1950 Expectant Father
Mice Meeting You
Voice of the Turkey
1949 Campus Capers
1948 So This Is New York
1947 Naughty But Mice
1946 Cheese Burglar
Laughter in Paris (TV film)
1945 Let's Go Steady
1944 Henpecked Rooster
Moving Aweigh
1943 Happy Birthdaze
Na titulní stránce
1942 Moje sestra Ela
Seven Days' Leave

TV seriály

1999 Courage the Cowardly Dog (TV seriál)
1990 Fender Bender 500 (TV seriál)
1989 Cosby Show (TV seriál)
No Way, Baby (S05E15)
1985 Yogi's Treasure Hunt (TV seriál)
1976 Misterjaw (TV seriál)
1969 The Pink Panther Show (TV seriál)
1964 Broadside (TV seriál)
1961 Kočičí banda (TV seriál)
1959 Matty's Funday Funnies (TV seriál)
1949 Captain Video and His Video Rangers (TV seriál)
School House (TV seriál)
The Goldbergs (TV seriál)


1991 Something a Little Less Serious: A Tribute to 'It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World' (TV film)


TV pořady

1983 Reading Rainbow (TV pořad)
1951 The Name's the Same (TV pořad)
1948 Toast of the Town (TV pořad)

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