Eddie Gribbon

  • nar. 3.1.1890
    New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 28.9.1965 (75 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1951 Joe Palooka in Triple Cross
So You Want to Be a Cowboy
1950 Father's Wild Game
Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey
Joe Palooka in Humphrey Takes a Chance
Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle
Triple Trouble
1949 Joe Palooka in the Big Fight
Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1948 Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad
Joe Palooka in Winner Take All
Smart Woman
Smugglers' Cove
Street Corner
1947 Joe Palooka in the Knockout
1946 Gentleman Joe Palooka
Joe Palooka, Champ
Mr. Hex
1944 Busy Buddies
To Heir Is Human
1943 Blazing Guns
Canyon City
Mr. Muggs Steps Out
Radio Runaround
Sleepy Lagoon
Who's Hugh?
1942 About Face
The Secret Code
1941 Honky Tonk
Mr. District Attorney
Pot o' Gold
1940 Big Premiere, The
Gold Rush Maisie
Li'l Abner
The Leather Pushers
1939 A Small Town Idol - a.z.
Another Thin Man
Fast and Furious
Idiot's Delight
Moving Vanities
1938 Anaesthesia
Little Orphan Annie
Maid's Night Out
On the Great White Trail
The Spy Ring
1937 13th Man, The
Live, Love and Learn
San Quentin
The Big Shot
There Goes My Girl
Too Many Wives
Ve víru velkoměsta
Wise Girl
You Can't Buy Luck
1936 I Cover Chinatown
Love on a Bet
Sleepless Hollow
The Millionaire Kid
The Phantom Rider
1935 Flying Down to Zero
Rio Rattler
Rip Roaring Riley
She Couldn't Take It
Stone of Silver Creek
The Cyclone Ranger
The Shadow of Silk Lennox
Tramp Tramp Tramp
1934 Everything's Ducky
I Can't Escape
I Like It That Way
Search for Beauty
1933 A Wrestler's Bride
Arizona to Broadway
1932 Hidden Gold
Kid Glove Kisses
Law and Order
Officer, Save My Child
Stealin' Home
1931 Bless the Ladies
Crashing Reno
First to Fight
Here's Luck
Hotter Than Haiti
Mr. Lemon of Orange
Not Exactly Gentlemen
Parisian Gaities
Peeking in Peking
Royal Bluff, The
Sargie's Playmate, The
Wedding Belles
¡Hola, Rusia!
1930 Born Reckless
Dames Ahoy
Good Intentions
Parlez Vous
Song of the West
They Learned About Women
We! We! Marie!
1929 Fancy Baggage
From Headquarters
Twin Beds
Two Men and a Maid
Two Weeks Off
1928 Bachelor's Paradise
Buck Privates
Gang War
Nameless Men
Stop That Man
United States Smith
1927 Cheating Cheaters
Man Bait
Night Life
Streets of Shanghai
The Callahans and the Murphys
1926 Bachelor Brides
Desert Gold
Tell It to the Marines
The Bat
The Flaming Frontier
The Flying Mail
There You Are!
Under Western Skies
1925 Battling Romeo
Code of the West
Forty Winks
Just a Woman
Mac's Beth
Seven Days
Taming of the Shrewd
The Limited Mail
The Mansion of Aching Hearts
1924 After the Ball
East of Broadway
Jack O'Clubs
The Border Legion
1923 Crossed Wires
Double Dealing
Fourth Musketeer, The
Hoodman Blind
The Victor
1922 A Tailor-Made Man
Alias Julius Caesar
Captain Fly-by-Night
The Crossroads of New York
The Village Blacksmith
1921 A Small Town Idol
Astray from the Steerage
Be Reasonable
Call a Cop
Home Talent
Made in the Kitchen
Molly O'
Officer Cupid
On a Summer Day
Playing with Fire
The Unhappy Finish
Wedding Bells Out of Tune
1920 Bungalow Troubles
By Golly!
Don't Weaken!
Down on the Farm
Fickle Fancy
Fresh from the City
Gee Whiz
His Youthful Fancy
Love, Honor and Behave
Married Life
Movie Bug, The
Ten Dollars or Ten Days
The Quack Doctor
You Wouldn't Believe It
1919 Among Those Present
Back to the Kitchen
His Last False Step
Love's False Faces
Reilly's Wash Day
Salome vs. Shenandoah
The Dentist
The Little Widow
The Speakeasy
Trying to Get Along
Uncle Tom Without a Cabin
1917 A Film Exposure
A Finished Product
A Smoky Love Affair
Almost a Bigamist
Betty Wakes Up
Crazy by Proxy
Dodging His Doom
Down by the Sea
Her Merry Mix-Up
Ice Man's Bride, An
Local Color
Love and Fish
Petticoat Perils
The Honeymooners
1916 His Baby

TV seriály

1950 Buster Keaton Show, The (TV seriál)


1943 Happy Times and Jolly Moments - a.z.


TV pořady

1950 The Colgate Comedy Hour (TV pořad)

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