Leatrice Joy

  • nar. 7.11.1893
    New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • zem. 13.5.1985 (91 let)
    Riverdale, New York, USA
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Tento tvůrce ještě nemá přidanou biografii.

Herecká filmografie


1951 Love Nest
1949 Air Hostess
Red Stallion in the Rockies
1940 The Old Swimmin' Hole
1939 First Love
1930 The Love Trader
1929 A Most Immoral Lady
Bellamy Trial
Strong Boy
1928 Man-Made Women
Slečna Peggy v pokušení
The Blue Danube
Tropic Madness
1927 Girl in the Rain
Nobody's Widow
The Angel of Broadway
1926 Eve's Leaves
For Alimony Only
Made for Love
The Clinging Vine
1925 Hell's Highroad
The Dressmaker from Paris
The Wedding Song
1924 Changing Husbands
The Marriage Cheat
1923 Desatero přikázání
Java Head
Silent Partner, The
You Can't Fool Your Wife
1922 Bachelor Daddy, The
Saturday Night
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
1921 A Tale of Two Worlds
Bunty Pulls the Strings
Ladies Must Live
The Ace of Hearts
The Poverty of Riches
Voices of the City
1920 Blind Youth
Down Home
Just a Wife
Smiling All the Way
The Invisible Divorce
The Right of Way
1919 The Man Hunter
Water Lily, The
1918 City of Tears, The
Handy Man, The
Her Man
His Day Out
Messenger, The
One Dollar Bid
Orderly, The
Scholar, The
The Stranger
Three X Gordon
1917 A Girl's Folly
Auto Intoxication
Candy Kid, The
Getting the Evidence
Her Fractured Voice
Her Iron Will
Her Scrambled Ambition
Magic Vest, The
Nearly a Baker
Rejuvenator, The
Society Scrimmage, A
Susie Slips One Over
Susie of the Follies
Susie the Sleepwalker
Susie's Scheme
The Pride of the Clan
The Slave
Window Dresser's Dream, The
Wishbone, The
Wits and Fits
1916 Folly of Revenge, The
The Other Man
Their Counterfeit Vacation
Troublesome Trip, A
1915 His Turning Point

TV seriály

1950 Robert Montgomery Presents (TV seriál)
1948 Studio One (TV seriál)


1980 Hollywood (TV seriál)
1964 The Big Parade of Comedy - a.z.
1938 Personality Parade - a.z.
1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 12
The Voice of Hollywood No. 12
1926 Screen Snapshots
1922 A Trip to Paramountown

TV pořady

1956 To Tell the Truth (TV pořad)

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