Florence Lawrence

  • nar. 2.1.1886
    Hamilton, Ontario, Kanada
  • zem. 28.12.1938 (52 let)
    Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1936 One Rainy Afternoon
1935 Man on the Flying Trapeze
1934 The Old Fashioned Way
1933 Secrets
1932 Sinners in the Sun
So Big!
1931 Homicide Squad
The Hard Hombre
1930 Sweeping Against the Winds
1926 The Greater Glory
The Johnstown Flood
1924 Gambling Wives
1923 Lucretia Lombard
Satin Girl, The
1922 The Unfoldment
1918 Love Craze, The
1917 Face on the Screen
1916 Elusive Isabel
Singular Cynic, A
1914 Bribe, The
Coryphee, The
Diplomatic Flo
Disenchantment, A
Doctor's Testimony, The
False Bride, The
Her Ragged Knight
Honor of the Humble, The
Law's Decree, The
Little Mail Carrier, The
Mad Man's Ward, The
Mysterious Mystery, A
Pawns of Destiny
Romance of a Photograph, The
Singular Sinner, A
Stepmother, The
The Honeymooners
Woman Who Won, The
1913 A Girl and Her Money
Counterfeiter, The
His Wife's Child
Influence of Sympathy
Suffragette's Parade in Washington
The Closed Door
The Girl o'the Woods
The Spender
Unto the Third Generation
1912 Advent of Jane, The
After All
All for Love
Angel of the Studio, The
Betty's Nightmare
Chance Shot, The
Cross-Roads, The
Flo's Discipline
Her Cousin Fred
In Swift Waters
Lady Leone, The
Mill Buyers, The
Not Like Other Girls
Players, The
Redemption of Riverton, The
Taking a Chance
Tangled Relations
The Winning Punch
Village Romance, A
1911 A Show Girl's Stratagem
Age Versus Youth
Always a Way
Art Versus Music
Aunt Jane's Legacy
Blind Deception, A
Duke De Ribbon Counter
During Cherry Time
Fascinating Bachelor, A
Game of Deception, A
Girlish Impulse, A
Good Turn, A
Gypsy, The
Head for Business, A
Her Artistic Temperament
Her Child's Honor
Her Humble Ministry
Her Two Sons
Higgenses Versus Judsons
His Bogus Uncle
His Chorus Girl Wife
His Friend, the Burglar
Hoyden, The
Little Rebel, The
Maniac, The
Nan's Diplomacy
One on Reno
Opportunity and the Man
Professor's Ward, The
Rebellious Blossom, A
Romance of Pond Cove
Rural Conqueror, A
Secret, The
Sheriff and the Man, The
Snare of Society, The
Story of Rosie's Rose, The
That Awful Brother
The Actress and the Singer
The Life Saver
The Matchmaker
The Slavey's Affinity
The State Line
The Test
The Two Fathers
The Wife's Awakening
Through Jealous Eyes
Vanity and its Cure
1910 A Self-Made Hero
All the World's a Stage
Among the Roses
Bear Ye One Another's Burdens
Blind Man's Tact, The
Broken Oath, The
Call of the Circus, The
Coquette's Suitors, The
Count of Montebello, The
Discontented Woman, A
Doctor's Perfidy, The
Eternal Triangle, The
Game for Two, A
Governor's Pardon, The
His Second Wife
His Sick Friend
Jane and the Stranger
Justice in the Far North
Maelstrom, The
Miser's Daughter, The
Mistake, The
Mother Love
New Shawl, The
Nichols on Vacation, The
Old Heads and Young Hearts
Once Upon a Time
Pressed Roses
Reno Romance, A
Right Girl, The
Right of Love, The
Senator's Double, The
Stage Note, The
Taming of Jane, The
The Call
The Irony of Fate
The Rosary
The Winning Punch
Tide of Fortune, The
Time-Lock Safe, The
Two Men
Widow, The
1909 ****
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
At the Altar
Awakening of Bess, The
Baby's Shoe, A
Brahma Diamond, The
Cardinal's Conspiracy, The
Criminal Hypnotist, The
Curtain Pole, The
Deception, The
Drive for Life, The
Drunkard's Reformation, A
Eavesdropper, The
Eloping with Auntie
Eradicating Aunty
Fascinating Mrs. Francis, The
Fool's Revenge, A
Forest Ranger's Daughter, The
French Duel, The
Her First Biscuits
Her Generous Way
His Ward's Love
His Wife's Mother
I Did It
Jealousy and the Man
Jilt, The
Jones and His New Neighbors
Jones and the Lady Book Agent
Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals, The
Judgment of Solomon, The
Lady Helen's Escapade
Lest We Forget
Lines of White on a Sullen Sea
Lonely Villa, The
Love's Stratagem
Lucky Jim
Lure of the Gown, The
Medicine Bottle, The
Mended Lute, The
Mr. Jones Has a Card Party
Mr. Jones' Burglar
Mrs. Jones Entertains
Mrs. Jones' Lover; or, 'I Want My Hat'
Necklace, The
Nursing a Viper
One Busy Hour
Peachbasket Hat, The
Prussian Spy, The
Road to the Heart, The
Roue's Heart, The
Saul and David
Schneider's Anti-Noise Crusade
Sound Sleeper, A
Sweet and Twenty
Tender Hearts
The Awakening
The Cord of Life
The Country Doctor
The Girls and Daddy
The Golden Louis
The Hessian Renegades
The Honor of Thieves
The Note in the Shoe
The Politician's Love Story
The Sacrifice
The Salvation Army Lass
The Slave
Those Awful Hats
Those Boys!
Tis an Ill Wind That Blows No Good
Tragic Love
Troublesome Satchel, A
Trying to Get Arrested
Two Memories
Way of Man, The
What Drink Did
Winning Coat, The
Wooden Leg, The
Wreath in Time, A
1908 A Woman's Way
An Awful Moment
Antony and Cleopatra
Bandit's Waterloo, The
Behind the Scenes
Betrayed by a Handprint
Calamitous Elopement, A
Call of the Wild, The
Christmas Burglars, The
Clubman and the Tramp, The
Concealing a Burglar
Cupid's Realm; or, A Game of Hearts
Dancer and the King: A Romantic Story of Spain, The
Devil, The
Father Gets in the Game
Feud and the Turkey, The
Heart of O'Yama, The
Helping Hand, The
Ingomar, the Barbarian
Ingrate, The
Julius Caesar
Lady Jane's Flight
Love Laughs at Locksmiths; an 18th Century Romance
Money Mad
Mr. Jones at the Ball
Pirate's Gold, The
Planter's Wife, The
Po mnoha letech
Red Girl, The
Reg Girl, The
Richard III
Romance of a Jewess
Romeo and Juliet
Smoked Husband, A
Song of the Shirt, The
Stolen Jewels, The
Test of Friendship, The
The Girl and the Outlaw
The Reckoning
The Taming of the Shrew
The Vaquero's Vow
Valet's Wife, The
Viking's Daughter: The Story of the Ancient Norsemen, The
Where the Breakers Roar
Zulu's Heart, The
1907 Athletic American Girls
Bargain Fiend; or, Shopping à la Mode
Boy, the Bust and the Bath, The
Despatch Bearer; or, Through the Enemy's Lines, The
Mill Girl, The
Shaughraun, The
1906 Automobile Thieves, The
Daniel Boone


1998 Star Power: The Creation of United Artists - a.z.
1961 Hollywood: The Golden Years (TV film) - a.z.
1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 18
1914 The Great Universal Mystery

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