Lisa Comshaw

  • nar. 18.2.1964 (55 let)
    Akron, Ohio, USA


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Herecká filmografie


2003 Passion's Desire
2002 Hotel Amore 2
2001 Boobs a Lot
Hotel Amore 1
Old-Fashioned Underwear Video
Secret Needs
2000 Creating the Perfect Man
Never Look Back
Sex Files: Creating the Perfect Man
Sex Files: Sexual Matrix
1999 Shandra: Dívka z džungle
Skandální chování
Skryté touhy
The Puppet Masters
1998 Austin Powerless
Bondage Energized
Bondage Ranch, The
Deadly Currency
Kitty Tells Tales
Lolita 2000
Return of Atomic Woman, The
Sore Feelings at the Office
Talent Agent, The
1997 9 1/2 Binds
Bitchy Wife, The
Centerfold Fantasies
Diagnostic Detention
Dreams of Laughter
Dungeon Dementia
Erotic Boundaries
Feisty First Date
For the Love of Leather
Goddess and the Gardener, The
Iena, La
Intruder Goes Rampant, The
It Turns Me On
Keep Her Posted
Last Embrace, The
Made for Bondage
Night of the Living Bi-Dolls
Pearl Necklace, The
Psychologist & the Housekeeper, The
Resort of Reality
River Rendezvous
Schedule, The
Time to Collect
Tori's Tantalizing Toes
Tory's Torment
Zpovědi tanečnice
1996 Arranged Marriage
Bílá smrt
Erotické voskové muzeum
Exposed: TV's Lifeguard Babes
Killer Inside, The
Ladies in Leather: Tori Sinclair
Passion for Punishment
Prisoners in Disguise
Ravenhawk (TV film)
Though Customer
Tory Tied Tight
Tory's Burglar
1995 Bikini Witness
Bondage Onstage
Born Wild
Bound by the Card
Contract, The
Diary, The
Dominated Dominant
Erotic Fantasies: Forbidden Liaisons
Forced Pleasures
It Only Gets Harder
Lady with an Attitude, A
Love Potion 99
Midnight Confessions
Nude Erotic Bondage
Nude House Party
Pay for Play
Scanner 2: Volkinova pomsta
Tender Christie's Torment
The Ambassador File
Tie Her Up Or Work
Tough and Deadly
X-Frame Marks the Spot
Zabijáci v nás
Zhoubná vášeň
1994 Alexis' Bondage Encounters
Bikini Med School
Bottoms Up
Bound Destiny
Caribbean Kill
Office Controller, The
Scanner: Policajt
Sweet Submission
TV Controller
Three Bound not a Crowd
Tighter and More Secure
Whitney and the Sneaky Salesman
1993 Blushing Bride
Bound to Please
Claudia's Lesson
Corporate Takeover
Divorce Law
Dungeon of the Borgias
Golden Dagger, The
Hapless Housewife
Housewife From Hell
Jane Bondage Is Captured
Lukas' Child
Nepravdivý příběh (TV film)
Night Dreams
Punishment of Ashley Renee, The
Single Alien Seeks Horny Earth Girl
Slave of Fashion
The Making of '...And God Spoke'
Three Ladies in Torment
Tightly Tied Twosome
Tightly Tied Twosome II
1992 Atomic Woman and the Masked Marauder
Bondage in the Bastille
Bound Burglar
Bound for Stardom
Caged Fear
Chateau Payne
Club Sadismo
Erotic Dreams
Hellfire Society
High Tied in California
Lair of the Bondage Bandits
Roommates in Ropes
Shining Blood
Tease, The
Tied Up Tomorrow
Toe Tied
Téměř těhotná
1991 Night Visions
Nude Bondage Weekend
Nude Trio
Slave Farm
Till She Screams
1990 Nudes in Lace
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TV seriály

1993 Odpadlík (TV seriál)
Králík a liška (S02E06)
Dva Renové (S01E15)

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