Jimmy Conlin

  • nar. 14.10.1884
    Camden, New Jersey, USA
  • zem. 7.5.1962 (77 let)
    Encino, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1959 Anatomie vraždy
The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock
1955 The Seven Little Foys
1953 It Happens Every Thursday
1952 The Jazz Singer
1951 On Dangerous Ground
1950 Operation Haylift
Vánoční přání
1949 Knock on Any Door
The Inspector General
Two Knights from Brooklyn - a.z.
1948 Hazard
Smart Woman
1947 Dick Tracy's Dilemma
Hřích Harolda Diddlebocka
It's a Joke, Son!
Mourning Becomes Electra
Seven Keys to Baldpate
The Trouble with Women
1946 Blue Skies
Cross My Heart
Rolling Home
Two Sisters from Boston
Whistle Stop
1945 An Angel Comes to Brooklyn
Bring on the Girls
Don Juan Quilligan
G.I. Honeymoon
Honeymoon Ahead
It's a Pleasure
Padlý anděl
Penthouse Rhythm
The Picture of Dorian Gray
What, No Cigarettes?
1944 Ali Baba a 40 loupežníků
And the Angels Sing
Army Wives
Ať žije hrdina dobyvatel
Gambler's Choice
Lost in a Harem
Man from Frisco
Stalo se zítra
Summer Storm
The Great Moment
The Town Went Wild
Zázrak v Morganově Potoce
1943 Calaboose
Hitler's Madman
Old Acquaintance
Petticoat Larceny
Slightly Dangerous
Swing Shift Maisie
Taxi, Mister
This Is the Army
1942 Are Husbands Necessary?
Call Out the Marines
Dáma je ochotná
Ice-Capades Revue
Madame Spy
Nejprve stvořil ženu
Obliging Young Lady
Private Buckaroo
Příběh z Palm Beach
The Forest Rangers
The Man in the Trunk
The Remarkable Andrew
1941 A Shot in the Dark
Footlight Fever
Gay Falcon, The
Hurry, Charlie, Hurry
Let's Make Music
Look Who's Laughing
Man at Large
New York Town
Out of the Fog
Ridin' on a Rainbow
Sullivanovy cesty
The Lady Eve
Unexpected Uncle
1940 Angels Over Broadway
Calling Philo Vance
Charlie Chan v muzeu voskových figurín
Christmas in July
Honeymoon Deferred
King of the Lumberjacks
Mocný McGinty
My Little Chickadee
Second Chorus
So You Won't Talk
The Way of All Flesh
Three Cheers for the Irish
Two Girls on Broadway
Wagons Westward
1939 $1000 a Touchdown
Idiot's Delight
Nancy Drew... Reporter
Naughty But Nice
No Place to Go
The Amazing Mr. Williams
Torchy Runs for Mayor
1938 Blondes at Work
Broadway Musketeers
Cocoanut Grove
Comet Over Broadway
Crashing Hollywood
Hard to Get
He Couldn't Say No
Over the Wall
Prison Farm
Smashing the Rackets
The Big Broadcast of 1938
The Shining Hour
Torchy Blane in Panama
1937 Find the Witness
Living on Love
Mountain Music
Stateční kapitáni
The Adventurous Blonde
The Man Who Found Himself
1936 And Sudden Death
Arizona Mahoney
Rose Bowl
The Accusing Finger
1935 The Bride Comes Home
1934 365 Nights in Hollywood
City Limits
Cross Country Cruise
She Learned About Sailors
1933 Advice to the Lovelorn
College Humor
Footlight Parade
Grand Slam
Myrt and Marge
The Bowery
The Last Trail
1928 Sharps and Flats

TV seriály

1959 Philip Marlowe (TV seriál)
1954 Duffy's Tavern (TV seriál)

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