James W. Horne

  • nar. 14.12.1880
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • zem. 29.6.1942 (61 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Režijní filmografie


1955 Malí darebáci - nejlepší z gangu (TV film)
Malí darebáci – To nejlepší od Spankyho (TV film)
1942 Captain Midnight
Perils of the Royal Mounted
1941 Holt of the Secret Service
Iron Claw, The
Spider Returns, The
White Eagle
1940 Deadwood Dick
Terry and the Pirates
The Green Archer
The Shadow
1939 Flying G-Men
1938 The Spider's Web
1937 All Over Town
Na divokém západě
1936 The Bohemian Girl
1935 Bonnie Scotland
Father Knows Best
His Old Flame
Hot Money
I'm a Father
Old Age Pension
Thicker Than Water
1934 Beau Bashful
Born April First
Ceiling Whacks
Financial Jitters
Full Coverage
Good Time Henry
Henry's Social Splash
Just We Two
Palsie Walsie
Perfectly Mismated
Picnic Perils
Pleasing Grandpa
Sterling's Rival Romeo
There Ain't No Justice
Trifle Backward, A
Where's Elmer?
1933 A Quiet Night
Alias the Professor
Gleason's New Deal
His First Case
Hunting Trouble
Meeting Mazie
Mister Mugg
Open Sesame
Out of Gas
Pick Me Up
Pie for Two
The Trail of Vince Barnett
Warren Doane's Brevities
1932 Any Old Port!
Hesitating Love
Lights Out
Love Pains
Oh! My Operation
Red Noses
The Tabasco Kid
Union Wages
Zwei Ritter ohne Furcht und Tadel
1931 Alma de la fiesta, El
Beau Hunks
Calaveras, Los
Carottiers, Les
Chickens Come Home
Come Clean
Laughing Gravy
Laurel a Hardy se žení
One Good Turn
Thundering Tenors
1930 Cana al aire, Una
Chercheuses d'or
Dollar Dizzy
Fast Work
Fifty Million Husbands
Garde la bombe
Girl Shock
High C's
Las fantasmas
Locuras de amor
Looser Than Loose
Príncipe del dólar, El
The King
When the Wind Blows
Whispering Whoopee
1929 Big Business
Off to Buffalo
Thin Twins
1928 Black Butterflies
The Big Hop
1927 Captain Fearless
1926 Don Key (A Son of Burro)
Kosher Kitty Kelly
Scared Stiff
The Cruise of the Jasper B
Wife Tamers
1925 Laughing Ladies
Madame Sans Jane
Somewhere in Somewhere
There Goes the Bride
Whose Baby Are You?
Youth and Adventure
1924 Alimony
American Manners
Hail the Hero
In Fast Company
Laughing at Danger
Stepping Lively
The Yankee Consul
1923 Blow Your Own Horn
Can a Woman Love Twice?
Itching Palms
Man of Action, A
The Sunshine Trail
1922 Dangerous Pastime
Don't Doubt Your Wife
Sunset Trail, The
The Forgotten Law
The Hottentot
1921 Bronze Bell, The
1920 Occasionally Yours
Third Eye, The
1919 The Midnight Man
1918 Hands Up!
1917 Pot o' Gold, The
Sagebrush Law
The Bull's Eye
The Door in the Mountain
The Ghost of the Desert
The Man from Tia Juana
1916 Border Wolves
Corsican Sisters, The
Duel in the Desert, The
Fight for Paradise Valley, The
Girl From Frisco, The
Harvest of Gold, The
Honor of the Road, The
Little Monte Carlo, The
Millionaire Plunger, The
Missing Millionaire, The
Moth and the Star, The
Music Swindlers, The
Oil Field Plot, The
On the Brink of War
Ore Plunderers, The
Parasite, The
Purification of Mulfers, The
Social Pirates, The
Son of Cain, The
Stain of Chuckawalla, The
The Darkest Hour
Tigers Unchained
Villain Worshipper, The
War of Wits, The
Witch of the Dark House, The
1915 Black Hole of Glenrenald, The
Bushranger at Bay, A
Clairvoyant Swindlers, The
Diamond Broker, The
Disappearing Necklace, The
Double Identity, A
Dream Seekers, The
Enemy of Mankind, An
False Clue, The
Figure in Black, The
Following a Clue
Jared Fairfax's Millions
Man in Irons, The
Man on Watch, The
Mike Donegal's Escape
Money Leeches, The
Mysteries of the Grand Hotel
Old Isaacson's Diamonds
Pitfall, The
Riddle of the Rings, The
Scotty Weed's Alibi
Secret Code, The
Secret Well, The
Straight and Narrow Path, The
Strangler's Cord, The
Substituted Jewel, The
Taking of Stingaree, The
The Accomplice
The Affair of the Deserted House
The Apartment House Mystery
The Barnstormers
The Closed Door
The Disappearance of Harry Warrington
The Frame-Up
The Girl Detective
The Mystery of the Tea Dansant
The Tattooed Hand
The Thumb Prints on the Safe
The Trap Door
The Voice from the Taxi
The Writing on the Wall
To the Vile Dust
Under Oath
Vanishing Vases, The
Vivisectionist, The
Voice in the Wilderness, A
When Thieves Fall Out
Wolf's Prey, The

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1954 Malí darebáci (TV seriál)

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