Albert S. Rogell

  • nar. 21.8.1901
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
  • zem. 7.4.1988 (86 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA
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Režijní filmografie


1958 Smoke Jumpers
1954 Before I Wake
1950 The Admiral Was a Lady
1949 Song of India
1948 Northwest Stampede
1947 Heaven Only Knows
1946 Earl Carroll Sketchbook
The Magnificent Rogue
1945 Love, Honor and Goodbye
1943 Hit Parade of 1943
Stará Oklahoma
1942 Butch Minds the Baby
Jail House Blues
Priorities on Parade
Sleepytime Gal
True to the Army
Youth on Parade
1941 Public Enemies
Sailors on Leave
The Black Cat
Tight Shoes
1940 Argentine Nights
I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
Li'l Abner
Private Affairs
1939 For Love or Money
Hawaiian Nights
Laugh It Off
1938 City Streets
Start Cheering
The Last Warning
The Lone Wolf in Paris
1937 Murder in Greenwich Village
1936 Grand Jury
Roaming Lady
You May Be Next!
1935 Air Hawks
Atlantic Adventure
Unknown Woman
Útěk z Ďábelských ostrovů
1934 Among the Missing
Gangsterova nevěsta
Name the Woman
No More Women
The Hell Cat
1933 Air Hostess
Below the Sea
East of Fifth Avenue
The Wrecker
1932 Carnival Boat
The Rider of Death Valley
1931 Aloha
Suicide Fleet
Tip-Off, The
1930 Mamba
1929 California Mail, The
Flying Marine, The
Painted Faces
The Lone Wolf's Daughter
1928 Glorious Trail, The
The Canyon of Adventure
The Phantom City
The Shepherd of the Hills
The Upland Rider
1927 Grinning Guns
Men of Daring
Overland Stage, The
Red Raiders, The
Rough and Ready
Somewhere in Sonora
The Devil's Saddle
The Fighting Three
The Sunset Derby
The Western Rover
The Western Whirlwind
1926 Man from the West, The
Men of the Night
Red Hot Leather
Senor Daredevil
The Patent Leather Pug
The Unknown Cavalier
The Wild Horse Stampede
1925 Circus Cyclone, The
Crack o' Dawn
Cyclone Cavalier
Easy Money
Fighting Fate
Goat Getter
Snob Buster, The
Super Speed
The Fear Fighter
The Knockout Kid
Youth's Gamble
1924 Dangerous Coward, The
Fighting Sap, The
Galloping Gallagher
Geared to Go
Lightning Romance
Mask of Lopez, The
North of Nevada
Silent Stranger, The
Thundering Hoofs
1923 The Greatest Menace
1922 Claim Jumpers, The
Double Reward
His Brother's Blood
No Man's Gold
Phantom of the Hills
Streak of Yellow
West Meets East
1921 Desperate Chances
Eagle Man, The
Fighter of Diamond X, The
Queen of Hearts, The
Ranch Mystery, The
Tangled Trails
The Stranger

TV seriály

1956 Broken Arrow (TV seriál)
1955 My Friend Flicka (TV seriál)
The 20th Century-Fox Hour (TV seriál)
1952 The Ford Television Theatre (TV seriál)

Herecká filmografie


1987 Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (TV film)
1980 Hollywood (TV seriál)

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