Alfred Santell

  • nar. 14.9.1895
    San Francisco, California, USA
  • zem. 19.6.1981 (85 let)
    Salinas, California, USA


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Režijní filmografie


1946 That Brennan Girl
1945 Mexicana
1944 The Hairy Ape
1943 Jack London
1942 Beyond the Blue Horizon
1941 Aloma of the South Seas
1939 Our Leading Citizen
1938 Cocoanut Grove
Having Wonderful Time
The Arkansas Traveler
1937 Breakfast for Two
Internes Can't Take Money
1936 Winterset
1935 A Feather in Her Hat
People Will Talk
1934 The Life of Vergie Winters
1933 Bondage
The Right to Romance
1932 Polly of the Circus
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Tess of the Storm Country
1931 Body and Soul
Sob Sister
Táta Dlouhán
1930 Hrdina Arizony
The Sea Wolf
1929 Romance of the Rio Grande
This Is Heaven
Twin Beds
1928 Show Girl
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
Wheel of Chance
1927 Orchids and Ermine
The Gorilla
The Patent Leather Kid
1926 Bluebeard's Seven Wives
Dancer of Paris, The
Just Another Blonde
Subway Sadie
Sweet Daddies
1925 Breaking the Ice
Parisian Nights
The Marriage Whirl
1924 Empty Hearts
Fools in the Dark
The Man Who Played Square
1923 Lights Out
Monkeying Around
1922 Hale and Hearty
Wildcat Jordan
1920 It Might Happen to You
Pills for Papa
Rings and Things
1919 As You Were
Babies Is Babies
One Lovely Night
Seeing Things
Stop, Cease, Hesitate
Two Tired
1918 At Sword's Points
Home, James
Main 1-2-3
O, Susie Behave
Vamping the Vamp
1917 A Bathtub Bandit
A Day Out of Jail
A Misfit Millionaire
Bandit Beware!
Beloved Rogues
Bulls or Bullets
Doubles and Troubles
Efficiency Experts
Hard Times In Hard Scrapple
Magic Jazz-Bo, The
Out of the Bag
Politcs In Pumpkin Center
Seaside Romeos
The Bogus Bride
The Boot and the Loot
The Deadly Doughnut
The Hobo Raid
The Onion Magnate's Revenge
Whirlwind of Whiskers

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