Kate Price

  • nar. 13.2.1872
    Cork, Irsko
  • zem. 4.1.1943 (70 let)
    Woodland Hills, California, USA
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Kate Price, za slobodna Katherine Duffy, sa narodila v Írsku, konkrétne v meste Cork. Svoju úspešnú hereckú kariéru začala už v roku 1890, teda vtedy, keď mala necelých 18 rokov. Začala sa objavovať na vaudevillovej scéne po boku jej neskoršieho manžela Josepha Ludwiga. Od roku 1902 sa začala objavovať v krátkych filmoch spoločnosti „Vitagraph“ v New Yorku. Jej komediálne herectvo sa naplno uplatnilo vo vtedajšej ére nemého filmu.

Vo svojej dobe patrila k vysokým herečkám (mala 170 cm v 30-tich rokoch života), bola vyššia než väčšina jej hereckých kolegov. V nemých filmoch, v ktorých hrávala, sa stretávala s hercami, ktorých mená sa ešte stále často spomínajú. Dá sa povedať, že svojím hereckým umením pomohla vyniknúť hercom ako napríklad Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Flora Finch, Douglas Fairbanks, John Bunny alebo Mary Pickford.

Natočila 14 nemých filmov vo dvojici s hercom Oliverom Hardym, ktoré produkovala spoločnosť Vim Comedy Company na Floride. Od roku 1917 pracovala už len v Hollywoode. Najznámejšie filmy, v ktorých hrala boli „Morský Tiger“ (1927), „Božská dívka“ (1929), „Dosáhnout na měsíc“ (1930). Na záver svojej kariéry pracovala aj pre MGM – film „Žiť, milovať a učiť sa“ (1937) bol jej posledným, ktorý už natáčala z posledných síl.

Kate Price zomrela v dome dôchodcov pre hercov vo Woodland Hills vo veku 72 rokov. Hrala dohromady v 290 filmoch prevažne komediálneho charakteru v dobe nemého ako aj na začiatku doby hovoreného filmu.


Herecká filmografie


1943 Princess O'Rourke
1937 Její milionář
Live, Love and Learn
1936 Great Guy
1935 Remember Last Night?
West Point of the Air
1934 Behold My Wife!
Cockeyed Cavaliers
Have a Heart
1932 Ladies of the Jury
1930 Dancing Sweeties
Reaching for the Moon
Shadow Ranch
The Cohens and the Kellys in Africa
The Cohens and the Kellys in Scotland
The Rogue Song
1929 Bezbožná dívka
The Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City
Two Weeks Off
1928 Anybody Here Seen Kelly?
Mad Hour
Show Girl
Thanks for the Buggy Ride
The Cohens and the Kellys in Paris
1927 Casey Jones
Frisco Sally Levy
Mountains of Manhattan
Orchids and Ermine
Quality Street
The Sea Tiger
1926 Arizona Sweepstakes
Faithful Wives
Love's Blindness
Memory Lane
The Beautiful Cheat
The Cohens and Kellys
The Third Degree
1925 Desert Flower, The
Goose Woman, The
His People
Sally, Irene and Mary
Sporting Venus, The
The Man Without a Conscience
The Perfect Clown
The Unchastened Woman
The Way of a Girl
1924 All's Swell on the Ocean
Another Man's Wife
Fight and Win
Passion's Pathway
Riders Up
The Sea Hawk
The Tornado
Wife of the Centaur, The
Záhada pod zemí
1923 Broken Hearts of Broadway
Crossed Wires
Enemies of Children
Goodbye Girls
Her Fatal Millions
The Dangerous Maid
The Near Lady
The Spoilers
Wolf Tracks
1922 Come On Over
Dangerous Game, A
Flesh and Blood
Frigo dědicem
Guttersnipe, The
Paid Back
Pardon Me
The New Teacher
1921 God's Crucible
Malý lord Fauntleroy
That Girl Montana
The Other Woman
Za maminkou
1920 Bright Skies
Figurehead, The
Opiový král San Franciska
The Devil's Riddle
1919 Love
Perils of Thunder Mountain
Put Up Your Hands!
Tin Pan Alley
1918 Arizona
Fatty v sanatoři
Humdrum Brown
Malá Amarilka z Prádelní uličky
Money Isn't Everything
The Ghost of Rosy Taylor
The Iron Test
The Mantle of Charity
The Seal of Silence
The Wooing of Riley
1917 After the Matinee
Bargain at $37.50, A
Best of a Bad Bargain, The
Boycotted Baby, The
1916 Fat and Fickle
Guilty Ones, The
He Winked and Won
Maid to Order, A
Mother's Child
Night Out, A
Out Ag'in, in Ag'in
Pipe Dreams
Prize Winners
The Ordeal of Elizabeth
The Waiters' Ball
Twin Flats
Warm Reception, A
When Hooligan and Dooligan Ran for Mayor
1915 A Family Picnic
Between Two Fires
Bringing Up Father
Cabman Kate
Chiefly Concerning Males
Lady of Shalott, The
Professor's Nightmare, The
Revolt of Mr. Wiggs, The
The Pest Vamooser
Two and Two
When Samuel Skidded
1914 A Million Bid
And She Never Knew
Athletic Family, The
Bread Upon the Waters
Bunny's Birthday
Countess Veschi's Jewels, The
David Garrick
Down the Road to Creditville
Fanny's Melodrama
Father's Flirtation
Fisherman Kate
Gang, The
Goodness Gracious
Horseshoe -- for Luck, A
In the Land of Arcadia
Jerry's Uncle's Namesake
Kill or Cure
Lillian's Dilemma
Lily of the Valley
Mr. Bingle's Melodrama
Mr. Bunnyhug Buys a Hat for His Bride
Mrs. Maloney's Fortune
Officer John Donovan
Officer Kate
Spirit and the Clay, The
Sweeney's Christmas Bird
The Old Fire Horse and the New Fire Chief
1913 A Gentleman of Fashion
A Lady and Her Maid
And His Wife Came Back
Belinda the Slavey; or, Plot and Counterplot
Casey at the Bat
Cupid Through a Keyhole
Dr. Crathern's Experiment
Education of Aunt Georgiana, The
Everybody's Doing It
Flaming Hearts
Four Days
Game of Cards, A
Her Sweetest Memory
His House in Order; or, The Widower's Quest
Hubby Buys a Baby
It Made Him Mad
Jerry's Mother-in-Law
Just Show People
Love's Quarantine
Ma's Apron Strings
Midget's Romance, The
Mr. Horatio Sparkins
Mystery of the Stolen Jewels, The
No Sweets
O'Hara Helps Cupid
O'Hara and the Youthful Prodigal
O'Hara as a Guardian Angel
O'Hara's Godchild
Omens and Oracles
One Can't Always Tell
Papa Puts One Over
Sale of a Heart, The
Tables Turned, The
The Autocrat of Flapjack Junction
The Bachelor's Baby, or How It All Happened
The Bringing Out of Papa
The Chains of an Oath
The Coming of Gretchen
The Girl at the Lunch Counter
The Hoodoo Umbrella
The Little Minister
The Man Higher Up
The Two Purses
The Widow's Might
Tim Grogan's Foundling
Trap to Catch a Burglar, A
Up in a Balloon
Wanted, a Stronghand
Way Out, The
When Women Go on the Warpath; or, Why Jonesville Went Dry
1912 A Juvenile Love Affair
A Lively Affair
Absent-Minded Valet, The
All for a Girl
An Eventful Elopement
As You Like It
Bunny and the Twins
Captain Barnacle's Legacy
Captain Barnacle's Messmates
Captain Jenks' Diplomacy
Diamond Cut Diamond
Eavesdropper, The
Elephant on Their Hands, An
Expensive Shine, An
Father and Son
Father's Hot Toddy
Great Diamond Robbery, The
Her Forgotten Dancing Shoes
Her Old Sweetheart
How He Papered the Room
In the Flat Above
Mistake in Spelling, A
Model for St. John, The
Nothing to Wear
O'Hara, Squatter and Philosopher
Pandora's Box
Red Ink Tragedy
She Wanted a Boarder
Stenographers Wanted
The Bond of Music
The Diamond Brooch
The First Violin
The Jocular Winds of Fate
The Lovesick Maidens of Cuddleton
The Old Kent Road
The Old Silver Watch
The Professor and the Lady
The Servant Problem; or, How Mr. Bullington Ran the House
Too Many Caseys
Umbrellas to Mend
Vultures and Doves
Who's to Win?
1911 A Slight Mistake
An Innocent Burglar
Captain Barnacle's Baby
Daddy's Boy and Mammy
Doubly Desired Orphan, A
Her Crowning Glory
His Last Cent
How Millie Became an Actress
Hypnotizing the Hypnotist
Lady Godiva
Selecting His Heiress
The Latent Spark
The Return of 'Widow' Pogson's Husband
The Woes of a Wealthy Widow
Two Overcoats
Vanity Fair
Wages of War
Wisteria Memories
1910 Jack Fat and Jim Slim at Coney Island

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