Eddie Quillan

  • nar. 31.3.1907
    Filadelfie, Pennsylvania, USA
  • zem. 19.7.1990 (83 let)
    Burbank, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1985 Hell Town (TV film)
1980 Neberte Rusům tajné dokumenty (TV film)
1979 Special Gift, A (TV film)
The Darker Side of Terror (TV film)
1977 Šílený býk (TV film)
1975 The Strongest Man in the World
1974 Hitchhike! (TV film)
Kelly zvaný Samopal (TV film)
1973 She Lives! (TV film)
1972 The Judge and Jake Wyler (TV film)
1971 How to Frame a Figg
1969 Angel in My Pocket
Hello, Dolly!
1968 Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady?
The Shakiest Gun in the West
The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz
1967 Osm na útěku
1966 Frankie a Johnny
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
1965 The Bounty Killer
Zebra in the Kitchen
1964 Elvis: Viva Las Vegas
Hrdinové bez kalhot
1963 Gunfight at Comanche Creek
Pojď si zařádit
Později, miláčku!
Promises! Promises!
Summer Magic
Tátovy nápady
1962 Who's Got the Action?
1956 Come on Seven
Jungle Safari - a.z.
1955 He Took a Powder
His Pest Friend
Nobody's Home
1954 Brigadoon
Doggie in the Bedroom
1953 He Popped His Pistol
1952 A Fool and His Honey
Heebie Gee-Gees
Strop, Look and Listen
1951 Fun on the Run
He Flew the Shrew
1950 House About It
1949 Let Down Your Aerial
1948 A-Hunting They Did Go
Crabbin' in the Cabin
Parlor, Bedroom and Wrath
1946 A Guy Could Change
1945 Jungle Queen
Jungle Raiders
Sensation Hunters
Song of the Sarong
1944 Dark Mountain
Dixie Jamboree
Hi, Good Lookin'!
Moonlight and Cactus
Mystery of the River Boat
Slightly Terrific
The Impostor
This Is the Life
Twilight on the Prairie
1943 Alaska Highway
Follow the Band
Here Comes Kelly
Hi'ya, Sailor
It Ain't Hay
Melody Parade
1942 Kid Glove Killer
Priorities on Parade
1941 Flying Blind
Kráska z Nového Orleánsu
Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga
Too Many Blondes
Where Did You Get That Girl?
1940 Dancing on a Dime
Dark Streets of Cairo
Hrozny hněvu
La Conga Nights
1939 Hawaiian Nights
Made for Each Other
The Family Next Door
The Flying Irishman
Vysoko v horách
Young Mr. Lincoln
1938 Swing, Sister, Swing
1937 London by Night
Ve víru velkoměsta
1936 Byl jsem lynčován
The Gentleman from Louisiana
The Mandarin Mystery
1935 Vzpoura na lodi Bounty
1934 Gridiron Flash
Hollywood Party
1933 Broadway to Hollywood
Strictly Personal
1932 Girl Crazy
1931 Stout Hearts and Willing Hands
The Big Shot
Tip-Off, The
Vitaphone No. 2574: A Little Bit of Everything
1930 Big Money
Night Work
1929 Bezbožná dívka
Noisy Neighbors
Romance mládí
1928 Show Folks
1927 Ain't Nature Grand
Catalina, Here I Come
For Sale, a Bungalow
Love in a Police Station
Red Hot Bullets
The Bull Fighter
The College Kiddo
The Golf Nut
1926 A Love Sundae
Alice Be Good
Her Actor Friend
Hesitating Horses
Kitty from Killarney
Pass the Dumplings
Should Husbands Marry?
The Ghost of Folly
The Perils of Petersboro

TV seriály

1985 Hell Town (TV seriál)
1983 Little House on the Prairie (TV seriál)
For the Love of Blanche (S09E19)
1982 Little House on the Prairie (TV seriál)
Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow: Part 1 (S08E17)
1972 Columbo (TV seriál)
Past (S01E06)
1968 Julia (TV seriál)
1965 Rodina Addamsova (TV seriál)
Crisis in the Addams Family (S01E24)
1964 Rodina Addamsova (TV seriál)
Gomez, the Politician (S01E04)
Valentine's Day (TV seriál)


1991 South Bank Show: Stan Laurel - The Last Laugh, The (TV film)
1941 Meet the Stars #8: Stars Past and Present
1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 11
The Voice of Hollywood No. 6
1929 Hollywood Snapshots #11

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