Otto Lederer

  • nar. 17.4.1886
    Praha, Rakousko-Uhersko
  • zem. 3.9.1965 (79 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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1933 Forgotten
Gun Law
1932 Rasputin and the Empress
The Hatchet Man
Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposure
Ve znamení kříže
1929 From Headquarters
One Stolen Night
Pop and Son
Smiling Irish Eyes
The Delicatessen Kid
1928 A Bit of Heaven
Zpropadení muzikanti
1927 Chicago
Jazzový zpěvák
Král králů
Sailor Izzy Murphy
The Shamrock and the Rose
The Trunk Mystery
1926 Sweet Rosie O'Grady
That Model from Paris
The Bells
The Cruise of the Jasper B
1925 Manekýnka z Broadwaye
The Cloudhopper
The Wizard of Oz
1924 A Fighting Heart
Behind Two Guns
Fight and Win
The Sword of Valor
Turned Up
Virginian Outcast
What Three Men Wanted
Worldly Goods
1923 Black Oxen
Souls in Bondage
The Gown Shop
Vanity Fair
Your Friend and Mine
1922 Forget Me Not
Hungry Hearts
White Eagle
1921 Making the Grade
The Avenging Arrow
The Spenders
Without Benefit of Clergy
1920 The Dragon's Net
1919 Cupid Forecloses
Man of Might
Over the Garden Wall
The Enchanted Barn
The Little Boss
1918 By the World Forgot
Cavanaugh of the Forest Rangers
The Changing Woman
The Wild Strain
The Woman in the Web
The Wooing of Riley
1917 Aladdin from Broadway
By Right of Possession
Captain of the Gray Horse Troop
Dead Shot Baker
The Fighting Trail
The Flaming Omen
The Magnificent Meddler
When Men Are Tempted
1916 Curfew at Simpton Center
Fool and His Friend, A
Her Partner
Miss Adventure
Paloma, La
Pansy's Papas
Race for Life, The
Sin's Penalty
Some Chicken
Squared Account, A
The Last Man
The Wanderers
Through the Wall
Waters of Lethe, The
When It Rains, It Pours!
1915 A Child of the North
A Natural Man
A Scandal in Hickville
Black Wallet, The
Cal Marvin's Wife
Ghosts and Flypaper
Girl at Nolan's, The
Her Last Flirtation
His Golden Grain
Jones' Hypnotic Eye
Lorelei Madonna, The
The Chalice of Courage
The Ebony Casket
The Legend of the Lone Tree
The Man from the Desert
The Quarrel
The Repentance of Dr. Blinn
To the Death
Valley of Humiliation, The
What Did He Whisper?
Willie Stayed Single
1914 Anne of the Golden Heart
Brute, The
Captain Alvarez
City, The
False Move, A
Last Will, The
Little Angel of Canyon Creek, The
Love of Tokiwa, The
Master of the Mine, The
Old Oak's Secret, The
Only a Sister
Quantrell's Son
The Sage-Brush Gal
1913 Ballyhoo's Story, The
Face of Fear, The
Old Moddington's Daughters
Sleuths Unawares
When Friendship Ceases
1912 A California Snipe Hunt
Pulque Pete and the Opera Troupe
The Mummy and the Cowpuncher
Why Tightwad Tips


1967 Nestárnoucí smích - a.z.

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