Sherry Hall

  • nar. 8.8.1892
    Eureka, Kalifornie, USA
  • zem. 6.4.1984 (91 let)
    San Diego, California, USA


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1952 Carrie
With a Song in My Heart
1951 Chain of Circumstance
Golden Girl
Inside Straight
It's a Big Country
On Moonlight Bay
Osudné dopoledne
The Strip
Vysoký cíl
1950 Dial 1119
Gambling House
Mister 880
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone
My Blue Heaven
Mystery Street
Nevěstin otec
Please Believe Me
The Magnificent Yankee
The Second Woman
Tři slovíčka
1949 Bílý žár
Dancing in the Dark
Písně z Broadwaye
The Lady Gambles
1948 Big City
Síla zla
Words and Music
1947 Backlash
Dáma v jezeře
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman
The Invisible Wall
1946 Accomplice
Canyon Passage
Child of Divorce
Monsieur Beaucaire
That Brennan Girl
The Shadow Returns
1945 Betrayal from the East
Byli obětováni
Circumstantial Evidence
Don't Fence Me In
Having Wonderful Crime
Isle of the Dead
Jungle Queen
On Stage Everybody
The Brighton Strangler
The Great John L.
Šarlatová ulice
1944 A Night of Adventure
Blonde Fever
Experiment Perilous
Girl Rush
Greenwich Village
Heavenly Days
Music in Manhattan
Step Lively
The Falcon in Mexico
1943 Around the World
Salute to the Marines
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
Taneční mistři
1941 How to Hold Your Husband - BACK
Sleepers West
The Wild Man of Borneo
Tvář ženy
1940 A Door Will Open
Arise, My Love
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
Charter Pilot
Michael Shayne: Private Detective
Pier 13
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
The Return of Frank James
We Who Are Young
1939 A Woman Is the Judge
Mexicali Rose
Risky Business
Sergeant Madden
Society Lawyer
The Gentleman from Arizona
The Honeymoon's Over
Too Busy to Work
1938 Adventure in Sahara
Crime Ring
Dick Tracy Returns
Hrdina dne
Hrdinové severu
International Settlement
Kentucky Moonshine
Meet the Girls
Mr. Moto's Gamble
One Wild Night
Red Barry
Stíny v oblacích
The Big Broadcast of 1938
The Fighting Devil Dogs
Walking Down Broadway
What Price Safety!
Woman Against Woman
1937 A Girl with Ideas
All Over Town
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
Charlie Chan on Broadway
Chicago hoří
Girl Overboard
High, Wide, and Handsome
Let's Get Married
Love in a Bungalow
Mama Steps Out
Man of the People
Meet the Boy Friend
Midnight Taxi
Missing Witnesses
She Married an Artist
Stateční kapitáni
Step Lively, Jeeves!
The Affairs of Cappy Ricks
The Lady Escapes
The Man Who Cried Wolf
Veřejný ženich
Wells Fargo
West Bound Limited
Wings Over Honolulu
Woman in Distress
Zrodila se hvězda
1936 36 Hours to Kill
After the Thin Man
Byl jsem lynčován
Career Woman
Divoká Theodora
Děvče se špatnou pověstí
Děvče z malého města
High Tension
His Brother's Wife
Mad Holiday
San Francisco
Sworn Enemy
The Longest Night
Three Godfathers
U slaměných vdov
Under Your Spell
Úžasná událost
Ďábelská loutka
1935 Age of Indiscretion
Going Highbrow
Here Comes the Band
Hot Money
In Person
It's in the Air
Let 'em Have It
Magnificent Obsession
Mystery Woman
Shadow of Doubt
The Whole Town's Talking
The Winning Ticket
Three Kids and a Queen
Times Square Lady
1934 Call It Luck
Charlie Chan's Courage
Coming-Out Party
Death on the Diamond
Detektiv Nick v New Yorku
Dostihy smrti
Dvacáté století
Evelyn Prentice
Fugitive Lovers
Hollywood Party
I Am a Thief
I Sell Anything
Manhattan Melodrama
Operator 13
Stalo se jedné noci
Straight Is the Way
Student Tour
The Show-Off
The St. Louis Kid
1933 Above the Clouds
Air Hostess
Another Language
Broadway to Hollywood
Její poslední rekord
Lawyer Man
Made on Broadway
Men Must Fight
My Woman
Noční let
Podsvětí ve fraku
Turn Back the Clock
What! No Beer?
1932 Alias the Doctor
Americké šílenství
Attorney for the Defense
Blondie of the Follies
Hat Check Girl
Lady with a Past
Lidé v hotelu
Manhattan Parade
Miss Pinkerton
Rasputin the Mad Monk
The Beast of the City
The Big Timer
The Final Edition
The Miracle Man
The Night Mayor
The Wet Parade
Washington Merry-Go-Round
1931 Arrowsmith
Blonde Crazy
Dance, Fools, Dance
Five and Ten
Ladies of the Big House
Men in Her Life
Secret Service
The Great Lover
The Guilty Generation
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
Three Girls Lost
West of Broadway
1930 Our Blushing Brides
Wild Company
1929 Jazz Heaven
The Donovan Affair
The Quitter
The Vagabond Lover
Weary River
1928 Romance of the Underworld
1917 The Calendar Girl

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1957 Perry Mason (TV seriál)

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