Edmund Burns

  • nar. 27.9.1892
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • zem. 2.4.1980 (87 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1936 Hollywood Boulevard
Murder with Pictures
1935 Love Me Forever
People Will Talk
She Married Her Boss
1934 Dostihy smrti
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen
One Night of Love
Stalo se jedné noci
The Captain Hates the Sea
The Hell Cat
The Quitter
Whom the Gods Destroy
1933 Dangerously Yours
Golden Harvest
Rusty Rides Alone
1932 Air Mail
False Impressions
The Death Kiss
The Shadow of the Eagle
The Texas Bad Man
The Western Limited
Week Ends Only
1931 Hell-Bent for Frisco
Men Call It Love
Sea Devils
The Devil Plays
1930 One Night at Susie's
1929 After the Fog
Children of the Ritz
Hard to Get
She Goes to War
Tanned Legs
The Love Racket
1928 Phyllis of the Follies
The Adorable Outcast
1927 Poor Girls
The Chinese Parrot
The Princess from Hoboken
The Shamrock and the Rose
1926 Forlorn River
Made for Love
Out of the Storm
Paříž o půlnoci
Sunny Side Up
The Lodge in the Wilderness
Whispering Wires
1925 Der Farmer aus Texas
Hell's Highroad
Manicure Girl, The
Simon the Jester
The Million Dollar Handicap
1924 Broadway After Dark
The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln
The Guilty One
The Humming Bird
Those Who Dare
1923 Jazzmania
Scars of Jealousy
The Country Kid
The Dangerous Age
Tropická vášeň
1922 East Is West
Green Temptation, The
Lights of the Desert
The Lavender Bath Lady
The Ruling Passion
1921 Children of the Night
Fifty Candles
Girl from God's Country, The
Hickville to Broadway
Opened Shutters
1920 Eyes of the Heart
One Hour Before Dawn
The Virgin of Stamboul
To Please One Woman
1919 A Very Good Young Man
Love Burglar, The
Marriage for Convenience
Miss Adventure
Rozmary osudu
1918 Love Watches
The Danger Mark
The Life Mask
The Ordeal of Rosetta
The Wasp
Under the Greenwood Tree
1917 Diamonds and Pearls
The Slave
1915 Zrození národa

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