Lloyd Hamilton

  • nar. 19.8.1891
    Oakland, Kalifornie, USA
  • zem. 19.1.1935 (43 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1934 An Old Gypsy Custom
1933 Pop's Pal
Too Many Highballs
1932 Doubling in the Quickies
False Impressions
Robinson Crusoe and Son
The Lion and the House
1931 An Apple a Day
Hello Napoleon
Howdy Mate
Marriage Rows
No Privacy
Wedding Belles
1930 Are You There?
Camera Shy
Follow the Swallow
Good Morning Sheriff
Honk Your Horn
Love Your Neighbor
Polished Ivory
Prize Puppies
Up a Tree
Won by a Neck
1929 Don't Be Nervous
Grass Skirts
His Baby Daze
His Big Minute
Peaceful Alley
Tanned Legs
The Show of Shows
Toot Sweet!
1928 A Home Made Man
Always a Gentleman
Between Jobs
Blazing Away
Listen Children
No Sale Smitty
1927 At Ease
Breezing Along
Goose Flesh
His Better Half
New Wrinkles
Papa's Boy
Peaceful Oscar
Somebody's Fault
1926 Careful Please
Here Comes Charlie
Jolly Tars
Move Along
Nobody's Business
Nothing Matters
One Sunday Morning
Teacher, Teacher
The Rainmaker
1925 Framed
Half a Hero
Hello, Hollywood
King Cotton
The Movies
1924 A Self-Made Failure
Going East
Good Morning
Hello, 'Frisco
His Darker Self
Jonah Jones
Killing Time
My Friend
1923 Extra! Extra!
No Luck
The Optimist
Uneasy Feet
1922 Poor Boy
Rolling Stones
The Educator
The Rainmaker
The Speeder
1921 A Game Lady
Robinson Crusoe Ltd.
The Advisor
The Greenhorn
The Misfit Pair
The Vagrant
1920 A Twilight Baby
April Fool
Duck Inn
Occasionally Yours
The Simp
1919 His Musical Sneeze
1918 A Tight Squeeze
A Waiter's Wasted Life
Hungry Lions in a Hospital
Roaring Lions on the Midnight Express
The Son of a Hun
1917 A Bathtub Bandit
A Day Out of Jail
A Flyer in Flapjacks
A Menagerie Mix-Up
A Misfit Millionaire
Bandit Beware!
Bulls or Bullets
Cupid's Caddies
Damaged, No Goods
Doubles and Troubles
Efficiency Experts
Ghost Hounds
Hard Times In Hard Scrapple
Politcs In Pumpkin Center
Rival Romeos
Roaring Lions and Wedding Bells
Seaside Romeos
The Blundering Blacksmiths
The Bogus Bride
The Boot and the Loot
The Deadly Doughnut
The Hobo Raid
The Model Janitor
The Onion Magnate's Revenge
The Safety Pin Smugglers
Whirlwind of Whiskers
1916 A Bunch of Flivvers
A Sauerkraut Symphony
Bumping the Bumps
Dudes for a Day
For Sweet Charity
From Altar to Halter
Good Evening, Judge!
Ham Agrees with Sherman
Ham Takes a Chance
Ham and Preparedness
Ham and the Hermit's Daughter
Ham and the Masked Marvel
Ham in the Drug Store
Ham the Diver
Ham the Explorer
Ham the Fortune Teller
Ham's Busy Day
Ham's Strategy
Ham's Waterloo
Ham's Whirlwind Finish
Maybe Moonshine
Midnight at the Old Mill
Millionaires by Mistake
One Step Too Far
Patented by Ham
Rival Fakers
The Alaskan Mouse Hound
The Baggage Smashers
The Beggar and His Child
The Bogus Booking Agents
The Desperate Duel
The Great Detective
The Heart Menders
The Iceman and the Artist
The Love Magnet
The Merry Motor Menders
The Mud Cure
The New Salesman
The Peach Pickers
The Star Boarders
The Tank Town Troupe
Winning a Widow
1915 A Flashlight Flivver
A Melodious Mix-Up
A Model Wife
Ham Among the Redskins
Ham and the Experiment
Ham and the Jitney Bus
Ham and the Sausage Factory
Ham at the Beach
Ham at the Fair
Ham at the Garbage Gentleman's Ball
Ham in High Society
Ham in a Harem
Ham in the Nut Factory
Ham the Detective
Ham's Easy Eats
Ham's Harrowing Duel
Lotta Coin's Gold
Raskey's Road Show
Rushing the Lunch Counter
Some Romance
The 'Pollywogs' Picnic
The Hypnotic Monkey
The Liberty Party
The Merry Moving Men
The Phoney Cannibal
The Spook Raisers
The Toilers
The Winning Wash
1914 A Neighborly Quarrel
A Peach at the Beach
A Substitute for Pants
Abide with Me
Black Hands and Dirty Money
Bud, Bill and the Waiter
Colonel Custard's Last Stand
Cuckooville Goes Skating
Cupid Backs the Winners
Dad's Allowance
Ham and the Villain Factory
Ham the Iceman
Ham the Lineman
Ham the Moonshiner
Ham, the Piano Mover
Hiram and Zeke Masquerade
Johnnie from Jonesboro
Lizzie the Life Saver
Love, Oil and Grease
Pretzel Captures the Smugglers
Pretzel's Baby
Put Yourself in His Place
Sherlock Bonehead
Si's Wonderful Mineral Spring
That Cuckooville Horse Race
The Bold Banditti and the Rah, Rah Boys
The Colonel of the Nuts
The Deadly Battle at Hicksville
The Reformation of Ham
The Slavery of Foxicus
The Tattered Duke
The Turning Point
The Winning Stroke
The Winning Whiskers
When Men Wear Skirts
Whistling Hiram
Why Kentucky Went Dry
1913 A Hasty Jilting
Curing the Doctor
Dorothea and Chief Razamataz
Flirty Florence
His Better Self
His Father
Masquerading in Bear Canyon
Out of His Class
Sailing Under False Colors
The Circuit Rider of the Hills
The Juvenile Kidnappers
The Secret of Balanced Rock
The Village Pest
When Spirits Walk

TV seriály

2001 Slaphappy (TV seriál) - a.z.


2005 The Forgotten Films of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle - a.z.
1943 Happy Times and Jolly Moments - a.z.
1934 Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove
1933 Hollywood on Parade No. B-5
1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 12
1929 The Voice of Hollywood No. 1
1927 Life in Hollywood No. 2
1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F

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