Phil Harris

  • nar. 24.6.1904
    Linton, Indiana, USA
  • zem. 11.8.1995 (91 let)
    Rancho Mirage, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1994 Disney Sing-Along-Songs: The Bare Necessities - a.z.
1991 Rock a Doodle aneb jak sluníčko zase vyšlo
1985 The Walt Disney Comedy and Magic Revue - a.z.
1973 Robin Hood
1972 Once Upon a Tour (TV film)
1971 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jack Benny But Were Afraid to Ask (TV film)
Gatling Gun, The
Last Generation, The - a.z.
Tom Jones: Movin' Up the River (TV film)
1970 Aristokočky
1968 Best on Record, The (TV film)
Mitzi (TV film)
1967 Cool Ones, The
Kniha džunglí
1964 Patsy
1963 The Wheeler Dealers
1960 Big Sell, The (TV film)
1956 Anything Goes
Good-bye, My Lady
Saturday Spectacular: Manhattan Tower (TV film)
1954 Rozbouřené nebe
Screen Snapshots: Hula From Hollywood - a.z.
1953 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood's Pair of Jacks
1951 Přichází ženich
Screen Snapshots 2856: It Was Only Yesterday - a.z.
The Wild Blue Yonder
1950 Wabash Avenue
1948 Screen Snapshots: Hawaii in Hollywood
1945 I Love a Bandleader
1940 Buck Benny Rides Again
Dreaming Out Loud
1939 Man About Town
1937 Harris in the Spring
Romancing Along
Turn Off the Moon
1936 Double or Nothing
1933 Melody Cruise
So This Is Harris!
1929 Why Be Good?

TV seriály

1979 Concrete Cowboys (TV seriál)
1977 Fantasy Island (TV seriál)
The Love Boat (TV seriál)
1968 Here's Lucy (TV seriál)
That's Life (TV seriál)
1966 ABC Stage 67 (TV seriál)
1965 F Troop (TV seriál)
1964 The Bing Crosby Show (TV seriál)
1963 Burke's Law (TV seriál)
1962 The Lucy Show (TV seriál)
1961 Ben Casey (TV seriál)
1959 The Betty Hutton Show (TV seriál)
1954 Disneyland (TV seriál) - a.z.
1950 Lux Video Theatre (TV seriál)
The Jack Benny Program (TV seriál)


2004 Andy Williams: My Favorite Duets (TV film) - a.z.
1997 Walt Disney's 'The Jungle Book': The Making of a Musical Masterpiece - a.z.
1992 The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song - a.z.
1978 NBC Salutes the 25th Anniversary of the Wonderful World of Disney (TV film)
1972 The Great Radio Comedians (TV film) - a.z.
World of Sport Fishing, The
1969 This Is Tom Jones (TV seriál)
1947 Is Everybody Listening?


TV pořady

1983 This Is Your Life (TV pořad)
1974 Dinah! (TV pořad)
1971 Pearl Bailey Show, The (TV pořad)
1970 The Val Doonican Show (TV pořad)
1969 Hee Haw (TV pořad)
The Johnny Cash Show (TV pořad)
This Is Your Life (TV pořad)
1968 Operation: Entertainment (TV pořad)
1967 Laugh-In (TV pořad)
The Kraft Music Hall (TV pořad)
The Pat Boone Show (TV pořad)
1966 The Milton Berle Show (TV pořad)
1965 Hör hin, schau zu! (TV pořad)
The Dean Martin Show (TV pořad)
1964 The Hollywood Palace (TV pořad)
1962 The Andy Williams Show (TV pořad)
The Jack Paar Program (TV pořad)
1961 The Joey Bishop Show (TV pořad)
1957 The Eddie Fisher Show (TV pořad)
Tonight Starring Jack Paar (TV pořad)
1956 The Steve Allen Show (TV pořad)
1954 Shower of Stars (TV pořad)
The George Gobel Show (TV pořad)
1953 Place the Face (TV pořad)
1951 The Dinah Shore Show (TV pořad)
The Red Skelton Show (TV pořad)
1950 Four Star Revue (TV pořad)
The Bob Hope Show (TV pořad)
The Colgate Comedy Hour (TV pořad)
This Is Your Life (TV pořad)
1948 Texaco Star Theater (TV pořad)
Toast of the Town (TV pořad)