Nigel De Brulier

  • nar. 8.7.1877
    Bristol, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 30.1.1948 (70 let)
    Los Angeles, Kalifornie, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1959 Zorro Rides Again - a.z.
1943 The Adventures of Smilin' Jack
Tonight We Raid Calais
1942 Wrecking Crew
1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel
For Beauty's Sake
1940 One Million B.C.
Viva Cisco Kid
1939 Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence
Mutiny in the Big House
Pes baskervillský
The Mad Empress
The Man in the Iron Mask
Tower of London
1938 Joaquin Murrieta
Marie Antoinetta
1937 Poslední vlak od Madridu
The Californian
Zorro vítězí
1936 Down to the Sea
Half Angel
Marie Stuartovna
Robin Hood z Eldorada
San Francisco
White Legion
Zahrada Allahova
1935 A Tale of Two Cities
Charlie Chan v Egyptě
The Three Musketeers
1934 Rothschildové
The Spectacle Maker
Viva Villa!
1933 I'm No Angel
Life in the Raw
The Monkey's Paw
1932 Alias the Doctor
Chandu the Magician
Devil's Lottery
Miss Pinkerton
Rasputin and the Empress
1931 Son of India
1930 Golden Dawn
Moby Dick
The Green Goddess
1929 The Iron Mask
The Wheel of Life
Thru Different Eyes
1928 Archa Noemova
Loves of an Actress
Me, Gangster
The Divine Sinner
The Red Dance
Two Lovers
1927 Moskva
Má nejlepší dívenka
Soft Cushions
The Beloved Rogue
The Gaucho
The Patent Leather Kid
1926 Don Juan
The Greater Glory
Yellow Fingers
1925 A Regular Fellow
Ben Hur
The Ancient Mariner
1924 Boy of Flanders, A
Mademoiselle Midnight
Three Weeks
Wild Oranges
1923 Rupert of Hentzau
St. Elmo
The Eleventh Hour
Zvoník u Matky Boží
1922 Bláhové ženy
Doll's House, A
Omar the Tentmaker
1921 Cold Steel
The Devil Within
The Three Musketeers
Without Benefit of Clergy
Čtyři příšerní jezdci z Apokalypsy
1920 Flames of the Flesh
His Pajama Girl
Mother of His Children, The
That Something
The Dwelling Place of Light
The Virgin of Stamboul
1919 Sahara
The Boomerang
The Hawk's Trail
The Mystery of 13
1918 Kultur
Me und Gott
Testing of Mildred Vane, The
The Girl o' Dreams
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
The Lion's Claws
The Romance of Tarzan
1917 Gray Ghost, The
Prince for a Day, A
Romany Rose, A
The Bond Between
The Mystery Ship
Voice on the Wire, The
1916 Dumb Girl of Portici, The
Joan the Woman
1915 Ghosts
Spanish Jade, The
1914 The Pursuit of the Phantom


1984 Before Stonewall - a.z.
1961 Hollywood: The Golden Years (TV film) - a.z.
1947 Flicker Flashbacks No. 2, Series 5 - a.z.

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