Ethel Clayton

  • nar. 8.11.1882
    Champaign, Illinois, USA
  • zem. 11.6.1966 (83 let)
    Oxnard, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1947 Cesta ke hvězdám
1944 Henry Aldrich's Little Secret
1943 Dixie
Lady Bodyguard
Mardi Gras
True to Life
1942 Beyond the Blue Horizon
Lucky Jordan
Zuzanka v nesnázích
1941 New York Town
West Point Widow
1940 Love Thy Neighbor
1939 Ambush
Boy Trouble
Cafe Society
Grand Jury Secrets
I'm from Missouri
King of Chinatown
Paris Honeymoon
St. Louis Blues
The Sap Takes a Wrap
1938 Artists and Models Abroad
Bulldog Drummond's Peril
Cocoanut Grove
Kdybych byl králem
Ride a Crooked Mile
Say It in French
Scandal Street
Sing You Sinners
Stíny v oblacích
The Arkansas Traveler
The Big Broadcast of 1938
Tom Sawyer, Detective
You and Me
1937 Artists & Models
Blonde Trouble
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge
Hold 'Em Navy
Její milionář
King of Gamblers
Loď ztracených duší
Make Way for Tomorrow
Partners in Crime
Rich Relations
Turn Off the Moon
Waikiki Wedding
Wells Fargo
1936 Easy to Take
Hollywood Boulevard
The Accusing Finger
1933 Let's Fall in Love
Private Jones
The Whispering Shadow
1932 Hotel Continental
The All-American
The Crooked Circle
Thrill of Youth
1930 Call of the Circus
Hit the Deck
1928 Mother Machree
1927 The Princess from Hoboken
The Princess on Broadway
1926 His New York Wife
Risky Business
Sunny Side Up
The Bar-C Mystery
The Merry Widower
1925 Lightnin'
The Mansion of Aching Hearts
Wings of Youth
1923 Can a Woman Love Twice?
The Remittance Woman
1922 For the Defense
Her Own Money
If I Were Queen
The Cradle
1921 Beyond
Exit the Vamp
The Price of Possession
1920 A City Sparrow
A Lady in Love
Crooked Streets
The Ladder of Lies
The Sins of Rosanne
The Thirteenth Commandment
Young Mrs. Winthrop
1919 A Sporting Chance
Maggie Pepper
Men, Women, and Money
More Deadly Than the Male
Pettigrew's Girl
The Woman Next Door
1918 A Soul Without Windows
Journey's End
Stolen Hours
The Girl Who Came Back
The Man Hunt
The Mystery Girl
The Whims of Society
The Witch Woman
Women's Weapons
1917 Easy Money
Man's Woman
Souls Adrift
The Bondage of Fear
The Dormant Power
The Stolen Paradise
The Volunteer
The Web of Desire
The Woman Beneath
Yankee Pluck
1916 A Woman's Way
Beyond the Wall
Dollars and the Woman
His Brother's Wife
Husband and Wife
The Hidden Scar
The New South
1915 A Day of Havoc
A Woman Went Forth
Capturing the Cook
Here Comes the Bride
His Soul Mate
In Spite of Him
In the Dark
It All Depends
It Was to Be
Just Look at Jake
Mazie Puts One Over
Money! Money! Money!
Monkey Business
The Attorney for the Defense
The Blessed Miracle
The College Widow
The Darkness Before Dawn
The Deception
The Earl's Adventure
The Furnace Man
The Great Divide
The Millinery Man
The Mirror
The Orgy
The Sporting Duchess
The Unmarried Husband
When the Light Came In
1914 A Daughter of Eve
The Catch of the Season
The Daughters of Men
The Fortune Hunter
The Gamblers
The House Next Door
The Lion and the Mouse
The Wolf
1913 A Deal in Oil
A Hero Among Men
Art and Honor
Friend John
Heroes One and All
His Children
His Code of Honor
Home, Sweet Home
Mary's Temptation
Partners in Crime
Seeds of Wealth
Self Convicted
The Burning Rivet
The Doctor's Romance
The Faith of a Girl
The Momentous Decision
The New Gown
The Police Inspector
The Price Demanded
The Scapegrace
The Scarf Pin
The Smuggler's Daughter
When Tony Pawned Louisa
When the Earth Trembled
1912 A Romance of the Coast
An Irish Girl's Love
For the Love of a Girl
Home Sweet Home
Just Maine Folk
Pilgrim's Progress
The Doctor's Debt
The Last Rose of Summer
The Wonderful One-Horse Shay
1910 Tout's Remembrance, The
1909 Gratitude
The Brothers
The Twelfth Juror


1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F

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