Harry Todd

Harry Todd

nar. 13.12.1863
Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

zem. 15.02.1935 (71 let)
Glendale, California, USA



Law Beyond the Range


Lottery Lover


Vagabond Lady


David Harum


Dostihy smrti


One Is Guilty


Prescott Kid


Stalo se jedné noci


The Westerner




Gordon of Ghost City


Gun Law


Her Splendid Folly


Hold the Press


Phantom Thunderbolt


Thrill Hunter, The


Trouble Busters


Unknown Valley


Victims of the Beyond


Americké šílenství


Fighting for Justice






One Man Law




Sundown Rider


The Fighting Fool


The Lone Trail


The Wyoming Whirlwind


White Eagle




In Old Cheyenne


Law of the Rio Grande


Shotgun Pass


Sign of the Wolf, The


Ten Cents a Dance


Ten Nights in a Barroom


The Fighting Marshal


The Miracle Woman


The Texas Ranger


Bojovníci západu


Borrowed Wives


Lucky Larkin


Sons of the Saddle


The Last Dance


Under Montana Skies


King of the Rodeo


One Stolen Night


The King of the Kongo


V poutech divošky


Flyin' Cowboy, The


The Rawhide Kid


The River Woman


Under the Tonto Rim


A One Man Game


Interferin' Gent, The


Obligin' Buckaroo, The


Roarin' Broncs


Skedaddle Gold


The Bugle Call


The Ridin' Rowdy


Whispering Smith Rides


White Pebbles


Bonanza Buckaroo, The


Chip of the Flying U


Coming an' Going


Forest Havoc


Prisoners of the Storm




Runaway Express, The


The Buckaroo Kid


The Flaming Frontier


The Third Degree


Under Western Skies


Daring Days


Desert Demon, The


Lorraine of the Lions


Quicker'n Lightnin'


Saddle Cyclone


The Hurricane Kid


The Outlaw's Daughter


Two-Fisted Jones


A Self-Made Failure


Horseshoe Luck


Ride for Your Life


Sawdust Trail


The Lone Chance


Thundering Romance


Treasure Canyon


Tea: With a Kick!


The Barefoot Boy


Three Jumps Ahead


What a Wife Learned


According to Hoyle


Bells of San Juan


Conquering the Woman




The Danger Point


Keeping Up with Lizzie




Play Square


The Sky Pilot


Fickle Women


Girls Don't Gamble


Her Elephant Man


Jack-Knife Man, The


A Favor to a Friend


Please Get Married


Taste of Life, A


The Son-of-a-Gun


Fare, Please


She Hired a Husband


Luke, the Gladiator


Naked Hands


Taking the Count


Loaded Dice


Philo Gubb: The Correspondence School Detackative


The Hound of Tankervilles


A Twilight Baby


Prisoner for Life, A


Tapering Fingers


The Face in the Watch


The Flip of a Coin


Toto's Troubles


Divoký střelec


Fire the Cook


His Busy Day


Nipped in the Bud


Lonesome Luke Loses Patients


Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley


Pete's Pants


We Never Sleep


A Safe Proposition


His Temper-Mental Mother-in-Law


It Can't Be True!


Luke Does the Midway


Luke Joins the Navy


Luke Laughs Last


Luke Pipes the Pippins


Luke and the Bang-Tails


Luke and the Mermaids


Luke's Fatal Flivver


Luke's Late Lunchers


Luke's Lost Lamb


Luke's Movie Muddle


Luke's Newsie Knockout


Luke's Preparedness Preparations


Luke's Shattered Sleep


Luke's Speedy Club Life


Luke, Crystal Gazer


Luke, Patient Provider


Luke, Rank Impersonator


Luke, the Chauffeur


The Man in Him


Twice at Once


Waiting Game, A


A Christmas Revenge


A Horse of Another Color


A Quiet Little Game


An Unexpected Romance


Andy of the Royal Mounted


Broncho Billy Evens Matters


Broncho Billy Steps In


Broncho Billy and the Card Sharp


Broncho Billy and the Land Grabber


Broncho Billy and the Lumber King


Broncho Billy and the Posse


Broncho Billy and the Vigilante


Broncho Billy's Cowardly Brother


Broncho Billy's Love Affair


Broncho Billy's Marriage


Broncho Billy's Parents


Broncho Billy's Sentence


Broncho Billy's Word of Honor


Bunch of Matches, A


Coat Tale, A


His Regeneration


How Slippery Slim Saw the Show


It Happened in Snakeville


Jack Spratt and the Scales of Love


Mustang Pete's Pressing Engagement


Others Started It, But Sophie Finished


Sentimental Sophie


Slim the Brave and Sophie the Fair


Slippery Slim's Wedding Day


Snakeville's Beauty Parlor


Snakeville's Champion


Snakeville's Debutantes


Snakeville's Hen Medic


Snakeville's Twins


Snakeville's Weak Women


Sophie Changes Her Mind


Sophie and the Fakir


Sophie's Fighting Spirit


Sophie's Homecoming


The Battle of Snakeville


The Bell-Hop


The Convict's Threat


The Face at the Curtain


The Merry Models


The Night That Sophie Graduated


The Undertaker's Uncle


Two Bold, Bad Men


Versus Sledge Hammers


When Love and Honor Called


When Slippery Slim Bought the Cheese


When Slippery Slim Went for the Eggs


When Snakeville Struck Oil


Wine, Women and Song


A Horse on Sophie


A Hot Time in Snakeville


A Snakeville Epidemic


A Snakeville Romance


Atonement, The


Broncho Billy -- Gun-Man


Broncho Billy Wins Out


Broncho Billy and the Bad Man


Broncho Billy and the Mine Shark


Broncho Billy and the Red Man


Broncho Billy and the Settler's Daughter


Broncho Billy's Close Call


Broncho Billy's Cunning


Broncho Billy's Double Escape


Broncho Billy's Sermon


Broncho Billy's Wild Ride


Broncho Billy, Outlaw


Gambler's Way, A


High Life Hits Slippery Slim


Pie for Sophie


Red Riding Hood of the Hills


Slippery Slim - Diplomat


Slippery Slim Gets Cured


Slippery Slim Gets Square


Slippery Slim and His Tombstone


Slippery Slim and the Claim Agent


Slippery Slim and the Fortune Teller


Slippery Slim and the Green-Eyed Monster


Slippery Slim and the Impersonator


Slippery Slim and the Stork


Slippery Slim's Dilemma


Slippery Slim's Inheritance


Slippery Slim's Stratagem


Slippery Slim, the Mortgage and Sophie


Snakeville and the Corset Demonstrator


Snakeville's Blind Pig


Snakeville's Fire Brigade


Snakeville's Home Guard


Snakeville's Most Popular Lady


Snakeville's New Doctor


Snakeville's New Sheriff


Snakeville's New Waitress


Snakeville's Peacemaker


Snakeville's Reform Wave


Snakeville's Rising Sons


Sophie Finds a Hero


Sophie Gets Stung


Sophie Picks a Dead One


Sophie Pulls a Good One


Sophie Starts Something


Sophie and the Man of Her Choice


Sophie's Birthday Party


Sophie's Fatal Wedding


Sophie's Legacy


Sophie's Sweetheart


Story of the Old Gun, The


The Awakening at Snakeville


The Cast of the Die


The Coming of Sophie's "Mama"


The Snakeville Volunteer


The Tell-Tale Hand


The Warning


The Wooing of Sophie


When Macbeth Came to Snakeville


When Slippery Slim Met the Champion


A Borrowed Identity


A Snakeville Courtship


Alkali Ike and the Hypnotist


Alkali Ike's Gal


Alkali Ike's Misfortunes


At the Lariat's End


Broken Parole, The


Broncho Billy Gets Square


Broncho Billy Reforms


Broncho Billy and the Sheriff's Kid


Broncho Billy and the Step-Sisters


Broncho Billy and the Western Girls


Broncho Billy's Christmas Deed


Broncho Billy's First Arrest


Broncho Billy's Gratefulness


Broncho Billy's Last Deed


Dance at Eagle Pass, The


Days of the Pony Express


Edge of Things, The


Greed for Gold


Hard Luck Bill


Kid Sheriff, The


Love and the Law


Naming of the Rawhide Queen, The


Sheriff of Cochise, The


Sophie's Hero


Sophie's New Foreman


That Pair from Thespia


The Accusation of Broncho Billy


The Belle of Siskiyou


The Heart of a Gambler


The Last Laugh


The Making of Broncho Billy


The Redeemed Claim


The Rustler's Spur


The Shadowgraph Message


The Tenderfoot Sheriff


The Three Gamblers


Western Sister's Devotion, A


Why Broncho Billy Left Bear Country


A Child of the West


A Story of Montana


A Western Legacy


A Woman of Arizona


Alkali Ike Plays the Devil


Alkali Ike Stung!


Alkali Ike's Boarding House


Alkali Ike's Bride


Alkali Ike's Love Affair


Alkali Ike's Motorcycle


Alkali Ike's Pants


An Indian Sunbeam


An Indian's Friendship


Broncho Billy and the Bandits


Broncho Billy and the Schoolmistress


Broncho Billy's Bible


Broncho Billy's Last Hold-Up


Broncho Billy's Mexican Wife


Broncho Billy's Narrow Escape


Broncho Billy's Promise


Dance at Silver Gulch, The


On El Monte Ranch


On the Moonlight Trail


Outlaw's Sacrifice, The


The Bandit's Child


The Boss of the Katy Mine


The Little Sheriff


The Loafer


The Loafer's Mother


The Oath of His Office


The Prospector's Legacy


The Ranch Girl's Trial


The Ranchman's Anniversary


The Sheriff and His Man


The Shotgun Ranchman


The Smuggler's Daughter


The Tenderfoot Foreman


The Tomboy on Bar Z


Western Hearts


Western Kimona, A


Widow Jenkins' Admirers


A Pal's Oath


A Western Girl's Sacrifice


A Western Redemption


Alkali Ike's Auto


Broncho Billy's Adventure


Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinner


Forgiven in Death


Hubby's Scheme


Mustang Pete's Love Affair


On the Desert's Edge


Outwitting Papa


Přes pláně


The Bad Man's Downfall


The Bad Man's First Prayer


The Bunco Game at Lizardhead


The Corporation and the Ranch Girl


The Count and the Cowboys


The Faithful Indian


The Hidden Mine


The Indian Maiden's Lesson


The Infant at Snakeville


The Lucky Card


The Outlaw and the Child


The Puncher's New Love


The Sheriff's Chum


The Two Reformations


Town Hall, Tonight


A Cowboy's Mother-in-Law


A Cowboy's Vindication


A Western Woman's Way


A Westerner's Way


Circle C Ranch's Wedding Present


Hank and Lank: As Sandwich Men


Hank and Lank: Lifesavers


The Bad Man's Christmas Gift


The Bearded Bandit


The Little Prospector


The Silent Message


The Tenderfoot Messenger


Ben's Kid


Mephisto and the Maiden


Tag Day

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