Robert G. Vignola

  • nar. 5.8.1882
    Trivignano, Itálie
  • zem. 25.10.1953 (71 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA
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1937 The Girl from Scotland Yard
1935 The Perfect Clue
1934 The Scarlet Letter
1933 Broken Dreams
1929 The Red Sword
1928 Tropic Madness
1927 Cabaret
1926 Fifth Avenue
1925 Declassée
The Way of a Girl
1924 Married Flirts
1923 Adam and Eva
1922 Beauty's Worth
The Young Diana
When Knighthood Was in Flower
1921 Enchantment
Straight Is the Way
The Passionate Pilgrim
The Woman God Changed
1920 The Thirteenth Commandment
The World and His Wife
1919 An Innocent Adventuress
Experimental Marriage
His Official Fiancée
More Deadly Than the Male
The Heart of Youth
The Home Town Girl
The Third Kiss
The Winning Girl
The Woman Next Door
You Never Saw Such a Girl
1918 Madame Jealousy
The Claw
The Girl Who Came Back
The Knife
The Reason Why
The Savage Woman
Women's Weapons
1917 Double Crossed
Great Expectations
Her Better Self
The Fortunes of Fifi
The Hungry Heart
The Love That Lives
1916 Audrey
The Black Crook
The Evil Thereof
The Moment Before
The Reward of Patience
The Spider
Under Cover
1915 A Sister's Burden
Barriers Swept Aside
Don Caesar de Bazan
Honor Thy Father
In the Hands of the Jury
The Crooked Path
The Destroyer
The Haunted House of Wild Isle
The Haunting Fear
The Luring Lights
The Maker of Dreams
The Night Operator at Buxton
The Pretenders
The Scorpion's Sting
The Siren's Reign
The Stolen Ruby
The Vanderhoff Affair
1914 A Midnight Tragedy
Her Bitter Lesson
Her Husband's Friend
In Wolf's Clothing
Into the Depths
Seed and the Harvest
The Barefoot Boy
The Cabaret Dancer
The Dance of Death
The Dancer
The Devil's Dansant
The False Guardian
The Hand Print Mystery
The Hand of Fate
The Hate That Withers
The Hazards of Helen
The Man of Iron
The Menace of Fate
The Mystery of the Yellow Sunbonnet
The Shadow
The Show Girl's Glove
The Storm at Sea
The Vampire's Trail
Through the Flames
1913 A Virginia Feud
The Bribe
The Message of the Palms
The Vampire
The War Correspondent
1911 Arizona Bill
Rory O'More

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