Alan Roscoe

  • nar. 23.8.1886
    Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • zem. 8.3.1933 (46 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1933 Cheyenne Kid, The
Lucky Devils
Thrill Hunter, The
1932 A Strange Adventure
Breach of Promise
Dynamite Ranch
Hell-Fire Austin
Hello Trouble
Ladies of the Jury
Speed Demon
Strangers of the Evening
The Boiling Point
The Death Kiss
The Last Man
The Last Mile
Uptown New York
1931 Dobyvatelé pekla
High Stakes
Laugh and Get Rich
Subway Express
The Public Defender
The Royal Bed
The Sin Ship
U. S. 311
1930 Call of the West
Danger Lights
Half Shot at Sunrise
Rain or Shine
The Fall Guy
The Pay-Off
1929 Hurricane
Love in the Desert
Seven Keys to Baldpate
The Red Sword
The Vagabond Lover
1928 Driftwood
His Last Haul
Marry the Girl
Mating Call, The
Modern Mothers
Sawdust Paradise
The Sideshow
1927 Duty's Reward
Long Pants
1926 King of the Turf, The
Tentacles of the North
The Texas Streak
Wolf Hunters, The
1925 Before Midnight
Girl of Gold, The
That Devil Quemado
The Lure of the Wild
Why Women Love
1924 Flirting with Love
Mirage, The
One Glorious Night
Pal o' Mine
The Chorus Lady
The Painted Flapper
1923 Java Head
The Net
The Spoilers
Wife's Romance, A
1922 Burning Sands
No Trespassing
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
1921 Over the Wire
The Last Card
1920 Black Shadows
Hell Ship, The
Her Elephant Man
Madame X
Molly and I
Poslední Mohykán
Tarnished Reputations
The Branding Iron
The Paliser Case
1919 Evangeline
Her Purchase Price
Man's Country, A
Siren's Song, The
The City of Comrades
1918 Doctor and the Woman, The
Her Body in Bond
Soul for Sale, A
The Mortgaged Wife
The She-Devil
The Shuttle
Under the Yoke
When a Woman Sins
1917 Cleopatra
1915 Conspiracy at the Chateau, The
Mystery of the Silent Death, The
Night in Kentucky, A
On the Dawn Road
Opal Ring, An
Stars Their Courses Change


2017 Lost Cleopatra - a.z.

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