Raymond Walburn

  • nar. 9.9.1887
    Plymouth, Indiana, USA
  • zem. 26.7.1969 (81 let)
    New York City, New York, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1955 The Spoilers
1954 She Couldn't Say No
1951 Excuse My Dust
Father Takes the Air
Golden Girl
1950 Cesta k úspěchu
Father Makes Good
Father's Wild Game
Key to the City
Short Grass
1949 Henry, the Rainmaker
Leave It to Henry
Red, Hot and Blue
1948 Vládní prohlášení
1947 Hřích Harolda Diddlebocka
1946 Affairs of Geraldine
Breakfast in Hollywood
Lover Come Back
Plainsman and the Lady
Rendezvous with Annie
1945 Honeymoon Ahead
I'll Tell the World
The Cheaters
1944 And the Angels Sing
Ať žije hrdina dobyvatel
Heavenly Days
Jezinky a bezinky
Music in Manhattan
1943 Desperáti
Dixie Dugan
Lady Bodyguard
Let's Face It
1942 The Man in the Trunk
1941 Bachelor Daddy
Bludný kruh
Confirm or Deny
Kiss the Boys Goodbye
Louisiana Purchase
Rise and Shine
San Francisco Docks
1940 Christmas in July
Dark Command
Flowing Gold
Millionaires in Prison
Third Finger, Left Hand
1939 Eternally Yours
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence
It Could Happen to You
The Under-Pup
1938 Battle of Broadway
Ostrov bázně
Professor Beware
Start Cheering
1937 Breezing Home
Broadway Melody of 1938
High, Wide, and Handsome
It Can't Last Forever
Let's Get Married
Murder in Greenwich Village
Thin Ice
1936 Absolute Quiet
Craig's Wife
Mister Cinderella
The King Steps Out
The Three Wise Guys
They Met in a Taxi
U slaměných vdov
Velký Ziegfeld
Úžasná událost
1935 Death Flies East
I'll Love You Always
It's a Small World
Redheads on Parade
She Couldn't Take It
She Married Her Boss
Society Doctor
Thanks a Million
The Lone Wolf Returns
Welcome Home
1934 Dostihy smrti
Hrabě Monte Cristo
Lady by Choice
Mills of the Gods
The Defense Rests
The Great Flirtation
1929 The Laughing Lady
1916 Our Other Lives
The Man Hunt
The Scarlet Runner
The Tarantula

TV seriály

1953 The United States Steel Hour (TV seriál)
1950 Lux Video Theatre (TV seriál)


1997 Frank Capra's American Dream (TV film) - a.z.
1985 American Masters (TV seriál) - a.z.
1951 The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Story - a.z.

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