William V. Mong

  • nar. 25.6.1875
    Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  • zem. 10.12.1940 (65 let)
    Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1939 Let Us Live
1938 Painted Desert
1937 Fight for Your Lady
Woman in Distress
1936 Dancing Pirate
Poslední svého rodu
Strike Me Pink
The Dark Hour
1935 Rendezvous
Square Shooter
The County Chairman
The Florentine Dagger
The Hoosier Schoolmaster
The Last Days of Pompeii
The Perfect Tribute
Together We Live
Whispering Smith Speaks
1934 Dark Hazard
Ostrov pokladů
Sweet Adeline
1933 Footlight Parade
Her Forgotten Past
I Loved a Woman
Lilly Turner
Silent Men
The Eleventh Commandment
The Mayor of Hell
The Narrow Corner
The Vampire Bat
The Working Man
1932 A Strange Adventure
Arm of the Law
By Whose Hand?
Cross Examination
Dynamite Denny
Fighting for Justice
If I Had a Million
Love Bound
No More Orchids
Rule 'Em and Weep
Tess of the Storm Country
The Fighting Fool
The Widow in Scarlet
Ve znamení kříže
War Correspondent
Women Won't Tell
1931 A Dangerous Affair
Bad Company
Gun Smoke
The Flood
1930 Double Cross Roads
In Gay Madrid
Murder on the Roof
Should a Girl Marry?
The Big Trail
The Girl Said No
1929 Dark Skies
House of Horror
Seven Footprints to Satan
1928 Archa Noemova
Code of the Air
Forget Me Not
Telling the World
The Broken Mask
The Devil's Trademark
The Haunted House
1927 Alias the Lone Wolf
The Clown
The Magic Garden
The Price of Honor
Too Many Crooks
Way of All Pants, The
1926 Brooding Eyes
Fifth Avenue
No Babies Wanted
Shadow of the Law
The Old Soak
The Silent Lover
The Strong Man
What Price Glory
1925 Alias Mary Flynn
Barriers Burned Away
Excuse Me
Fine Clothes
Off the Highway
Oh, Doctor!
Shadow on the Wall, The
Steel Preferred
The People vs. Nancy Preston
The Unwritten Law
Under the Rouge
Up the Ladder
1924 Flapper Wives
Thy Name Is Woman
Welcome Stranger
What Shall I Do?
Why Men Leave Home
1923 All the Brothers Were Valiant
In the Palace of the King
Lost and Found on a South Sea Island
Penrod and Sam
Wandering Daughters
Žlutá záplava
1922 Arctic Adventure
Fool There Was, A
Monte Cristo
Shattered Idols
The Woman He Loved
1921 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Ladies Must Live
Pilgrims of the Night
Playthings of Destiny
Sowing the Wind
The Ten Dollar Raise
1920 813
Burning Daylight
Life's Twist
Number 99
The Chorus Girl's Romance
The Coast of Opportunity
The County Fair
The Dwelling Place of Light
The Luck of Geraldine Laird
The Mutiny of the Elsinore
The Turning Point
1919 After His Own Heart
Follies Girl, The
Fools and Their Money
Love's Prisoner
Put Up Your Hands!
The Amateur Adventuress
The Delicious Little Devil
The Master Man
The Spender
1918 Painted Lily, The
The Flame of the West
1917 Bartered Youth
1916 Alias Jane Jones
Along the Malibu
Eleanor's Catch
Fighting Joe
Her Bitter Cup
Husks of Love
The Crimson Yoke
The Girl in Lower 9
The Iron Hand
The Prince of Graustark
The Severed Hand
To Another Woman
Two Men of Sandy Bar
When the Wolf Howls
1915 Alias Holland Jimmy
Cost, The
Out of the Silence
Tainted Money
The Word
Told in the Rockies
1914 The Yellow Traffic
1912 The Girl He Left Behind
The Redemption of 'Greek Joe'
1911 Back to the Primitive
Buddy, the Little Guardian
Busy Day at the Selig General Office
Lost in the Arctic
Lost in the Jungle
The Survival of the Fittest
The Way of the Eskimo
1910 Lost in the Soudan
The Clay Baker
The Connecticut Yankee
The Range Riders


1933 The Film Parade - a.z.

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