Francelia Billington

  • nar. 1.2.1895
    Dallas, Texas, USA
  • zem. 24.11.1934 (39 let)
    Glendale, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1930 The Mounted Stranger
1926 Tex
1925 Hearts of the West
Range Vultures
Two Fisted Thompson
Western Promise
1924 The Lone Hand Texan
The White Sin
Western Grit
1923 Fighting Jim Grant
High Gear Jeffrey
The Vengeance of Pierre
The Zero Hour
What a Wife Learned
1922 Blazing Arrows
Blue Blazes
Restless Souls
Trapped in the Air
1921 The Ranger and the Law
The Truant Husband
1920 Desert Love
Hearts Are Trumps
The Sea Master
The Terror
1919 Slepí manželé
The Day She Paid
The Great Air Robbery
1918 In Bad
The Midnight Trail
1917 A Rough Shod Fighter
Heart Strings
High Play
Money's Mockery
My Fighting Gentleman
New York Luck
Pride and the Man
Sands of Sacrifice
Snap Judgment
The Frame-Up
The Masked Heart
The Moral Right
The Shackles of Truth
1916 A Reformation Delayed
Bettina Loved a Soldier
Her Wedding Day
Naked Hearts
The Best Man's Bride
The Black Sheep of the Family
The Diamond Thieves
The Evil Women Do
The Fur Trimmed Coat
The Little Sister of the Poor
The Lost Bracelet
The Mainspring
The Price of Victory
The Right to Be Happy
Vengeance of the Oppressed
1915 A Breath of Summer
A Child of God
At the Stroke of the Angelus
Children of the Sea
Father and Son
Heart Beats
Hearts and Flowers
On the Bread Line
Tangled Paths
The Big Brother
The Father
The Green Idol
The Kinship of Courage
1914 A Blotted Page
A Red Man's Heart
A Wife from the Country
A Woman Scorned
An Unredeemed Pledge
Bobby's Medal
Broken Nose Bailey
His First Love
Mollie and the Oil King
Ruy Blas
The Beat of the Year
The Different Man
The Final Verdict
The Intruder
The Kaffir's Skull
The Lackey
The Lover's Gift
The Miniature Portrait
The Old Derelict
The Peach Brand
The Portrait of Anita
The Rector's Story
The Reform Candidate
The Runaway Freight
The Saving Flame
The Saving of Young Anderson
The Tardy Cannon Ball
The Tie That Binds
The Vengeance of Najerra
The Warning Cry
They Who Dig Pits
Through the Dark
Turned Back
Who Shot Bud Walton?
1913 A Dangerous Wager
A Life in the Balance
A Mix-Up in Pedigrees
A Perilous Ride
A Warm Welcome
For His Loved One
Hearts and Hoofs
House Hunting
Legally Right
The Baby
The Banker's Sons
The Boomerang
The Bravest Man
The Fraternity Pin
The God of Tomorrow
The Heart of a Fool
The Hendrick's Divorce
The Message of the Flowers
The Mountain Witch
The Pajama Parade
The Pride of Angry Bear
The Shadow of the Past
The Toy
The Usurer
The Van Warden Rubies
The Wedding Write-Up
The Widow's Stratagem
The Winning Loser
Told in the Future
1912 The Mayor's Crusade
The Two Runaways

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