J. Roy Hunt

  • nar. 7.7.1884
    Caperton, West Virginia, USA
  • zem. 1972
    Sheffield, Alabama, USA
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Kameramanská filmografie


1953 The Juggler
1952 Desert Passage
Eight Iron Men
Road Agent
1951 Footlight Varieties
From Rogues to Riches
Overland Telegraph
Pistol Harvest
Saddle Legion
1950 Border Treasure
Brooklyn Buckaroos
Kill or Be Killed
Mimo zákon
Riders of the Range
Rio Grande Patrol
Storm Over Wyoming
1949 Brothers in the Saddle
Mighty Joe Young
1948 Gun Smugglers
Indian Agent
Race Street
Return of the Bad Men
The Arizona Ranger
1947 A Likely Story
Křížový výslech
The Devil Thumbs a Ride
Trail Street
Under the Tonto Rim
1946 Black Beauty
1945 A Game of Death
The Brighton Strangler
What a Blonde
1944 Action in Arabia
Heavenly Days
Radio Rampage
1943 Avenging Rider, The
Putovala jsem se Zombií
The Falcon and the Co-eds
1942 Call Out the Marines
Red River Robin Hood
Thundering Hoofs
1941 Parachute Battalion
They Met In Argentina
1940 Cross-Country Romance
I'm Still Alive
Little Orvie
Married and in Love
One Crowded Night
Prairie Law
Stage to Chino
The Saint's Double Trouble
Triple Justice
You Can't Fool Your Wife
1939 Almost a Gentleman
Boy Slaves
Fixer Dugan
Full Confession
In Name Only
Panama Lady
The Flying Irishman
The Girl and the Gambler
1938 A Man to Remember
Blond Cheat
Mother Carey's Chickens
Radio City Revels
Room Service
The Law West of Tombstone
1937 Breakfast for Two
Hitting a New High
New Faces of 1937
Sea Devils
The Life of the Party
The Man Who Found Himself
You Can't Buy Luck
1936 Muss 'em Up
Silly Billies
Smartest Girl in Town
That Girl from Paris
The Bride Walks Out
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
The Lady Consents
Walking on Air
Without Orders
1935 A Dog of Flanders
Alibi Bye Bye
Annie Oakley
Spirit of 1976, The
Star of Midnight
The Last Days of Pompeii
We're Only Human
Země hrůzy
1934 Dangerous Corner
Finishing School
Hat, Coat, and Glove
In a Pig's Eye
Let's Try Again
The Dancing Millionaire
The Meanest Gal in Town
The Silver Streak
Wrong Direction
1933 Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men
Double Harness
Emergency Call
Letíme do Ria
Lucky Devils
Oliver Twist
Stolen by Gypsies or Beer and Bicycles
1932 Girl Crazy
Men of America
The Age of Consent
The Roadhouse Murder
The Sport Parade
1931 Beau Ideal
Behind Office Doors
Consolation Marriage
Friends and Lovers
High Stakes
The Woman Between
Way Back Home
1930 Alias French Gertie
Case of Sergeant Grischa, The
Lawful Larceny
Love Comes Along
The Pay-Off
1929 Close Harmony
Doctor's Secret, The
The Dance of Life
The Dummy
The Mighty
The Virginian
Why Bring That Up?
1928 Feel My Pulse
Forgotten Faces
Something Always Happens
Take Me Home
The Fifty-Fifty Girl
1927 New York
Rubber Heels
She's a Sheik
Spider Webs
Swim Girl, Swim
1926 Beau Geste
Dancing Mothers
The Ace of Cads
The American Venus
1925 Kiss for Cinderella, A
Lovers in Quarantine
Manicure Girl, The
Miss Bluebeard
The Crowded Hour
Wild, Wild Susan
1924 Argentine Love
Dangerous Money
Her Own Free Will
Second Youth
The Rejected Woman
Trouping with Ellen
1922 Polly of the Follies
Sherlock Holmes
Smilin' Through
1921 Love's Redemption
Passion Flower
Woman's Place
Wonderful Thing, The
1920 The Branded Woman
The Truth
1918 The Passing of the Third Floor Back
1917 Lincoln Cycle, The
Lone Wolf, The
The Eternal Sin
1916 A Daughter of the Gods
War Brides

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