Helene Costello

  • nar. 21.6.1906
    New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 26.1.1957 (50 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1942 The Black Swan
1936 Riffraff
1935 Honeymoon Limited
Public Hero #1
1932 The Movie Album #2 - a.z.
1929 Innocents of Paris
The Fatal Warning
The Show of Shows
When Dreams Come True
1928 Broken Barriers
Burning Up Broadway
Lights of New York
Phantom of the Turf
The Circus Kid
The Midnight Taxi
1927 Finger Prints
Good Time Charley
Husbands for Rent
In Old Kentucky
The Broncho Twister
The Fortune Hunter
The Heart of Maryland
1926 Don Juan
The Honeymoon Express
The Love Toy
Wet Paint
While London Sleeps
1925 Bobbed Hair
Ranger of the Big Pines
The Man on the Box
1916 Billie's Mother
1915 Lifting the Ban of Coventry
The Evil Men Do
The Heart of Jim Brice
1914 Bunny's Mistake
By the Governor's Order
Etta of the Footlights
How Cissy Made Good
Memories That Haunt
Some Steamer Scooping
The Barrel Organ
The Blood Ruby
The Mysterious Lodger
Too Much Burglar
1913 A Christmas Story
Beau Brummel
Fellow Voyagers
Fortune's Turn
Heartbroken Shep
Just Show People
Matrimonial Manoeuvres
Mr. Bolter's Niece
The Doctor's Secret
The Hindoo Charm
The Mystery of the Stolen Child
The One Good Turn
The Other Woman
The Price of Thoughtlessness
Tim Grogan's Foundling
1912 At Scrogginses' Corner
Captain Barnacle's Legacy
Captain Barnacle's Messmates
Captain Jenks' Dilemma
In the Garden Fair
Lulu's Doctor
Rip Van Winkle
Six O'Clock
The Black Sheep
The Church Across the Way
The Days of Terror; or, In the Reign of Terror
The First Violin
The Five Senses
The Greatest Thing in the World
The Irony of Fate
The Meeting of the Ways
The Money Kings
The Night Before Christmas
The Servant Problem; or, How Mr. Bullington Ran the House
The Toymaker
The Troublesome Step-Daughters
Tom Tilling's Baby
Two Women and Two Men
Wanted... a Grandmother
1911 A Quaker Mother
A Reformed Santa Claus
Auld Lang Syne
Captain Barnacle's Baby
Consuming Love; or, St. Valentine's Day in Greenaway Land
Courage of Sorts
Her Crowning Glory
His Sister's Children
The Child Crusoes
The Geranium
The Old Doll
1910 The Fruits of Vengeance
1909 A Midsummer Night's Dream
Les Miserables (Part I)


1932 The Movie Album - a.z.

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