Harry Myers

  • nar. 5.9.1882
    New Haven, Connecticut, USA
  • zem. 25.12.1938 (56 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1939 I'm from Missouri
The Oklahoma Kid
1938 A Slight Case of Murder
Dubové palice
Flat Foot Stooges
Men of Steel
Nebezpečný svědek
Racket Busters
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Spider's Web
1937 Dangerously Yours
Double or Nothing
Nad Irskem hřmí
Rich Relations
Vogues of 1938
1936 F-Man
Hollywood Boulevard
Kelly the Second
Lady Be Careful
Mister Cinderella
Mixed Magic
Mléčná dráha
One Rainy Afternoon
San Francisco
1935 Barbary Coast
Honeymoon Bridge
The Calling of Dan Matthews
1934 Allez Oop
Managed Money
Nový život
Pardon My Pups
Potluck Pards
Ridin' Gents
Sword of the Arab
1933 Damaged Lives
Mary Stevens, M.D.
Merrily Yours
Police Call
Rainbow Over Broadway
The Important Witness
What's to Do?
1932 A Strange Adventure
Divorce a la Mode
Meet the Senator
The Savage Girl
1931 Convicted
Easy to Get
Meet the Wife
Světla velkoměsta
The Great Pie Mystery
1929 Beauties Beware
Montmartre Rose
The Clean-Up
What a Day!
Wonder of Women
1928 Dream of Love
The Chinatown Mystery
The Street of Illusion
1927 Getting Gertie's Garter
The Bachelor's Baby
The Dove
The First Night
The Girl in the Pullman
1926 Exit Smiling
Get 'Em Young
Monte Carlo
The Beautiful Cheat
The Nutcracker
Up in Mabel's Room
1925 Grounds for Divorce
She Wolves
Trails End
Zander the Great
1924 Behold This Woman
Listen Lester
Líc a rub manželství
Reckless Romance
1923 Brass
Little Johnny Jones
Main Street
Stephen Steps Out
The Bad Man
The Brass Bottle
The Common Law
The Printer's Devil
1922 Boy Crazy
Handle with Care
In the Days of Buffalo Bill
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
The Beautiful and Damned
Top o' the Morning
Turn to the Right
When the Lad Came Home
1921 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Nobody's Fool
Oh Mary Be Careful
On the High Card
The March Hare
Why Trust Your Husband
1920 45 Minutes from Broadway
Peaceful Valley
The Notorious Mrs. Sands
1919 A Modern Lochinvar
Squatter's Right
The Masked Rider
The Trail's End
The Wildcatter
1918 Conquered Hearts
Out of the Night
The Face in the Dark
1917 It's All Wrong
Jumping Jealousy
Police Protection
The Delicatessen Mystery
The Hash House Mystery
1916 A Grain of Suspicion
A Persistent Wooing
A Spring Cleaning
A Strenuous Visit
Artistic Atmosphere
Baby's Toofs
Charity Begins at Home
Gertie's Garters
Her Financial Frenzy
High Fliers
His Wedding Promise
Hubby's Chicken
Hubby's Relatives
In the Night
Love Spasms
Man and Morality
Marked 'No Funds'
Object -- Matrimony
That Tired Business Man
The Chalk Line
The Connecting Bath
The Good Stenographer
The Honeymoon Car
The Latest in Vampires
The Lathered Truth
The Lemon in the Garden of Love
The Model Husband
The Pipe Dream
The Tormented Husband
Their Dream House
Their Installment Furniture
They Practice Economy
Will a Woman Tell?
1915 A Romance of the Backwoods
Father's Child
Father's Money
Fathers Three
He Was Only a Bathing Suit Salesman
Men at Their Best
My Tomboy Girl
Playing with Fire
Saved by a Dream
The Artist and the Vengeful One
The Cards Never Lie
The Cheval Mystery
The Danger Line
The Earl of Pawtucket
The Hard Road
The House of a Thousand Relations
The Law of Love
The Man of Shame
The Prize Story
We Should Worry for Auntie
1914 A Question of Right
His Wife
Love Triumphs
The Accusation
The Attorney's Decision
The Bride of Marblehead
The Catch of the Season
The Comedienne's Strategy
The Double Life
The Hopeless Game
The Little Gray Home
The Lure of the Pit
The Moth
The Pale of Prejudice
The Price of a Ruby
The Rock of Hope
The Walko Sisters
Thumb Prints and Diamonds
1913 A Deal in Oil
A Hero Among Men
Art and Honor
Heroes One and All
His Best Friend
His Children
His Code of Honor
Home, Sweet Home
Mary's Temptation
Memories of His Youth
Partners in Crime
Seeds of Wealth
Self Convicted
The Burning Rivet
The Doctor's Romance
The Exile
The Faith of a Girl
The Guiding Light
The Lost Son
The Momentous Decision
The New Gown
The Old Oaken Bucket
The Price Demanded
The Scapegrace
The Scarf Pin
The Smuggler's Daughter
The Village Blacksmith
Until We Three Meet Again
When Tony Pawned Louisa
When the Earth Trembled
1912 A Complicated Campaign
A Cure for Jealousy
A Romance of the Coast
A Surgeon's Heroism
An Irish Girl's Love
By the Sea
Darby and Joan
For the Love of a Girl
Hello, Central!
Her Heart's Refuge
Her Uncle's Consent
His Mistake
Home Sweet Home
Just Maine Folk
Love and Tears
The Back Window
The Blacksmith
The Derelict's Return
The Doctor's Debt
The Honeymooners
The Last Rose of Summer
The Physician's Honor
The Poor Relation
The Price of a Silver Fox
The Runaways
The Sacrifice
The Wonderful One-Horse Shay
What the Driver Saw
Won by Waiting
1911 A Brother's Redemption
A Hot Time in Atlantic City
A Question of Modesty
A Show Girl's Stratagem
Age Versus Youth
Always a Way
Duke De Ribbon Counter
During Cherry Time
Father Love
Father's Birthday Ring
Her Child's Honor
Her Two Sons
Higgenses Versus Judsons
His Bogus Uncle
His Stubborn Way
Love's Labor Lost
Nan's Diplomacy
Opportunity and the Man
Rescued in Time
Some Mother-in-Law
Tag Day at Silver Gulch
The Actress and the Singer
The Feud
The Indian's Sacrifice
The Life Saver
The Matchmaker
The Slavey's Affinity
The State Line
The Test
The Two Fathers
The Wife's Awakening
Through Jealous Eyes
Vanity and its Cure
1910 A Veteran of the G.A.R.
An American Count
Back to Boarding
Cowboy Chivalry
Faith Lost and Won
He Joined the Frat
Indian Blood
Making a Man of Him
Marriage in Haste
Over the Wire
Percy the Cowboy
Red Eagle's Love Affair
Romance of the Lazy K Ranch
Sentimental Sam
Spoony Sam
The Adopted Daughter
The Almighty Dollar
The Angel of Dawson's Claim
The Blue Horse Mine
The Cowboy's Devotion
The Indian Girl's Romance
The Irish Boy
The Man Who Died
The Master Mechanic
The Miner's Sweetheart
The Motion Picture Man
The Musical Ranch
The Mystery of the Torn Note
The Regeneration of Father
The Samaritan's Courtship
The Taming of Wild Bill
The Tattooed Arm
The Wild Man of Borneo
Two Gentlemen of the Road
Western Justice
1909 Blissville the Beautiful
If Love Be True
Martyr or Crank?
Three Fingered Jack

TV seriály

1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show (TV seriál) - a.z.


1927 Life in Hollywood No. 4

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