Sidney D'Albrook

  • nar. 3.5.1886
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • zem. 30.5.1948 (62 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1949 Song of Surrender
1948 Isn't It Romantic?
Julia Misbehaves
The Miracle of the Bells
The Sainted Sisters
1947 Cesta ke hvězdám
Desire Me
Moře trávy
The Romance of Rosy Ridge
The Unfinished Dance
1946 Golden Slippers
Každému dle zásluh
1944 The Conspirators
1943 Dixie
Jack London
Lidská komedie
Slightly Dangerous
The Cross of Lorraine
The Good Fellows
The Leopard Man
1942 I Married an Angel
Paní Miniverová
Take a Letter, Darling
The Man Who Returned to Life
V zajetí minulosti
1941 Pošlapané květy
The Hard-Boiled Canary
Wedding Worries
1940 Mystery Sea Raider
North West Mounted Police
Third Finger, Left Hand
1939 Grand Jury Secrets
I'm from Missouri
Our Leading Citizen
Stand Up and Fight
The Amazing Mr. Williams
Tropic Fury
Union Pacific
1938 Arsene Lupin Returns
Romance in the Dark
The Chaser
The Great Waltz
The Spider's Web
1937 13th Man, The
Bank Alarm
Boots of Destiny
Maid of Salem
Poslední vlak od Madridu
Prescription for Romance
San Quentin
The Man Who Found Himself
The Road Back
Trailing Trouble
Venus Makes Trouble
Wells Fargo
You Can't Beat Love
1936 Blackmailer
Give Us This Night
The Country Doctor
Velký Bill
1935 Barbary Coast
Hi, Gaucho!
Noc v opeře
Professional Soldier
The Whole Town's Talking
Útěk z Ďábelských ostrovů
1934 Jealousy
Journal of a Crime
Ostrov pokladů
The Captain Hates the Sea
The Girl from Missouri
1933 Noční let
Podsvětí ve fraku
The Mind Reader
The Power and the Glory
1932 State's Attorney
1931 Corsair
1930 Call of the Flesh
Captain of the Guard
For the Defense
Midnight Mystery
Party Girl
The Bat Whispers
1929 Dynamite
The Spirit of Youth
Valiant, The
1928 Matinee Idol, The
1927 Chicago
Král králů
The Princess from Hoboken
1926 Charley My Boy
Tak žije Paříž
1925 Wild Papa
Without Mercy
1924 King of the Wild Horses, The
Stolen Goods
1923 Bucking the Barrier
Call of the Wild
Heavy Seas
Rob 'em Good
Tea: With a Kick!
1922 Across the Continent
I Can Explain
Little Miss Smiles
Over the Border
The Fighting Guide
West of Chicago
1921 A Motion to Adjourn
Big Game
Right Way, The
Son of Wallingford, The
1920 Flaming Clue, The
Roman Candles
The Mutiny of the Elsinore
1919 The Lost Battalion
Three Men and a Girl
1918 Challenge Accepted, The
Heart of the Wilds
Life's Greatest Problem
Under Suspicion
With Neatness and Dispatch
1917 Dancer's Peril, The
Draft 258
God's Man
Somewhere in America
1916 Gilded Cage, The
His Little Story
1914 Bond Sinister, The
His Old Pal's Sacrifice
Just a Kid
The Power of the Press

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