Joan Sims

  • nar. 9.5.1930
    Laindon, Essex, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 28.6.2001 (71 let)
    Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie


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Herecká filmografie


2000 Poslední sexbomby (TV film)
1996 Strašidlo cantervilleské (TV film)
1993 Tender Loving Care (TV film)
1990 Fool, The
1988 Audience with Victoria Wood, An (TV film)
1985 Podvod (TV film)
Slečna Marplová: Ohlášená vražda (TV film)
1983 Audience with Kenneth Williams, An (TV film)
Waters of the Moon (TV film)
1978 Carry On Emmannuelle
1976 Carry On England
1975 Carry On Behind
Love Among the Ruins (TV film)
One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing
1974 Carry On Dick
1973 Carry On Christmas (TV film)
Carry On Girls
Cobblers of Umbridge, The (TV film)
Don't Just Lie There, Say Something
Not Now Darling
1972 Alf Garnett Saga, The
Carry On Abroad
Carry On Christmas: Carry On Stuffing (TV film)
Carry On Matron
1971 A Christmas Carol (TV film)
Carry On Henry
Carry On at Your Convenience
The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins
1970 Carry On Loving
Carry On Up the Jungle
Doctor in Trouble
1969 Byl jednou jeden doktor
Carry On Camping
1968 Carry On... Up the Khyber
1967 Carry on Doctor
Follow That Camel
1966 Carry On Screaming!
Doctor in Clover
Don't Lose Your Head
Seven Year Hitch (TV film)
1965 Big Job, The
Carry On Cowboy
San Ferry Ann
1964 Carry On Cleo
1963 Nurse on Wheels
Strictly for the Birds
1962 A Pair of Briefs
The Iron Maiden
Twice Round the Daffodils
1961 Carry On Regardless
His and Hers
Mr. Topaze
No My Darling Daughter
Watch Your Stern
1960 Carry On, Constable
Doctor in Love
1959 Carry On Nurse
Carry On Teacher
Kapitánův stůl
Life in Emergency Ward 10
Nahoře a dole
Please Turn Over
1958 Davy
Passport to Shame
1957 Kapička štěstí
No Time for Tears
Pokračujte, admirále!
The Naked Truth
The Silken Affair
1956 Dry Rot
Keep It Clean
Stars in Your Eyes
1955 As Long as They're Happy
Curtains for Harry (TV film)
Doktor na moři
1954 Doktor v domě
The Belles of St. Trinian's
The Sea Shall Not Have Them
To Dorothy a Son
What Every Woman Wants
1953 Meet Mr. Lucifer
The Square Ring
Trouble in Store
Will Any Gentleman...?
1952 Colonel March Investigates

TV seriály

2013 Smrt v ráji (TV seriál) - a.z.
A Dash of Sunshine (S02E06) - a.z.
1995 My Good Friend (TV seriál)
1994 Martin Chuzzlewit (TV seriál)
Smokescreen (TV seriál)
As Time Goes By (TV seriál)
Problems, Problems (S03E10)
Rocky's Wedding Day (S03E02)
1990 Cluedo (TV seriál)
On the Up (TV seriál)
1987 Simon and the Witch (TV seriál)
1986 Farrington of the F.O. (TV seriál)
1985 And There's More (TV seriál)
Drummonds (TV seriál)
1984 Cockles (TV seriál)
1979 Worzel Gummidge (TV seriál)
1978 Born and Bred (TV seriál)
1977 Lord Tramp (TV seriál)
1976 East Lynne (TV seriál)
1975 Carry On Laughing! (TV seriál)
1973 Men of Affairs (TV seriál)
1972 Sykes (TV seriál)
1970 Tarbuck's Luck (TV seriál)
1968 According to Dora (TV seriál)
Beryl Reid Says Good Evening (TV seriál)
Cilla (TV seriál)
1967 Before the Fringe (TV seriál)
Sam and Janet (TV seriál)
1965 Till Death Us Do Part (TV seriál)
1963 Stanley Baxter Show, The (TV seriál)
1962 Dial RIX (TV seriál)
1960 Our House (TV seriál)
1958 A Christmas Night with the Stars (TV seriál)
1955 Here and Now (TV seriál)


1998 What's a Carry On? (TV film)


TV pořady

1970 Kenneth Williams Show, The (TV pořad)
1963 The Dick Emery Show (TV pořad)
1956 Frankie Howerd (TV pořad)

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