William Hornbeck

  • nar. 23.8.1901
    Los Angeles, California, USA
  • zem. 19.10.1983 (82 let)
    Ventura, California, USA


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Střihačská filmografie


1959 Díra v hlavě
Suddenly, Last Summer
1958 Chci žít!
The Quiet American
1956 Gigant
1955 The Girl Rush
1954 Bosonohá komtesa
1953 Shane
Čin lásky
1952 Something to Live For
1951 Místo na výsluní
1950 Cesta k úspěchu
1949 Dědička
1948 Vládní prohlášení
1947 Singapore
1946 Život je krásný
1941 Lydia
1938 The Rebel Son
1936 Muži nejsou bozi
1934 Dog-gone Babies
The Scarlet Pimpernel
1932 Billboard Girl
Dream House
Hawkins & Watkins Inc.
Heavens! My Husband!
His Royal Shyness
Meet the Senator
The Candid Camera
The Flirty Sleepwalker
1931 A Poor Fish
Dance Hall Marge
Ghost Parade
Half Holiday
Hold 'er Sheriff
I Surrender Dear
Monkey Business in Africa
No, No, Lady
One More Chance
Slide, Speedy, Slide
Taxi Troubles
The Cannonball
The College Vamp
The Dog Doctor
The Fainting Lover
The Great Pie Mystery
The World Flier
1930 A Hollywood Theme Song
Average Husband
Bulls and Bears
Campus Crushes
Divorced Sweethearts
Don't Bite Your Dentist
Fat Wives for Thin
Goodbye Legs
Grandma's Girl
He Trumped Her Ace
Honeymoon Zeppelin
Match Play
Midnight Daddies
Racket Cheers
Radio Kisses
Rough Idea of Love
Sugar Plum Papa
Take Your Medicine
The Bluffer
The Chumps
1929 A Close Shave
A Hollywood Star
Baby's Birthday
Button My Back
Calling Hubby's Bluff
Caught in a Taxi
Clunked on the Corner
Dear Vivian
Don't Get Jealous
Foolish Husbands
Girl Crazy
Jazz Mamas
Motoring Mamas
Pink Pajamas
The Barber's Daughter
The Bees' Buzz
The Big Palooka
The Golfers
The Old Barn
The Rodeo
Whirls and Girls
1928 A Dumb Waiter
A Taxi Scandal
Campus Vamp, The
Chicken, The
His New Stenographer
His Unlucky Night
Hubby's Latest Alibi
Hubby's Weekend Trip
Love at First Flight
Motorboat Mamas
Run, Girl, Run
Smith's Army Life
Smith's Holiday
Smith's Restaurant
Taxi Beauties
Taxi for Two
The Bargain Hunt
The Beach Club
The Best Man
The Bicycle Flirt
The Burglar
The Campus Carmen
The Girl from Nowhere
The Good-Bye Kiss
The Lion's Roar
The Swim Princess
1927 A Dozen Socks
A Small Town Princess
Broke in China
Catalina, Here I Come
Cured in the Excitement
Gold Digger of Weepah
His First Flame
Hollywood Hero, A
Love in a Police Station
Love's Languid Lure
Peaches and Plumbers
Should Sleepwalkers Marry?
Smith's Candy Shop
Smith's Cook
Smith's Cousin
Smith's Customer
Smith's Kindergarten
Smith's Modiste Shop
Smith's New Home
Smith's Pets
Smith's Pony
The Bull Fighter
The College Kiddo
The Girl from Everywhere
The Golf Nut
The Pride of Pikeville
1926 A Harem Knight
A Love Sundae
A Prodigal Bridegroom
A Sea Dog's Tale
A Yankee Doodle Duke
Alice Be Good
Circus Today
Fight Night
Flirty Four-Flushers
Funnymooners, The
Gosh-Darn Mortgage, The
Hayfoot, Strawfoot?
Hoboken to Hollywood
Hooked at the Altar
Hot Cakes for Two
Hubby's Quiet Little Game
Ice Cold Cocos
Kitty from Killarney
Love's Last Laugh
Masked Mamas
Meet My Girl
Muscle-Bound Music
Puppy Lovetime
Saturday Afternoon
Should Husbands Marry?
Smith's Baby
Smith's Picnic
Smith's Uncle
Smith's Vacation
Soldier Man
Spanking Breezes
The Divorce Dodger
The Ghost of Folly
The Perils of Petersboro
Trimmed in Gold
Wandering Willies
When a Man's a Prince
Whispering Whiskers
Wide Open Faces
1925 Bashful Jim
Boobs in the Wood
Breaking the Ice
Butter Fingers
Cold Turkey
Dangerous Curves Behind
From Rags to Britches
Good Morning, Madam!
Good Morning, Nurse
He Who Gets Smacked
His Marriage Wow
Honeymoon Hardships
Hurry, Doctor!
Isn't Love Cuckoo?
Love and Kisses
Lucky Stars
Over Thereabouts
Plain Clothes
Remember When?
Sea Squawk, The
Skinners in Silk
Sneezing Beezers
Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies
Take Your Time
Tee for Two
The Beloved Bozo
The Iron Nag
The Lion's Whiskers
The Plumber
The Raspberry Romance
The Window Dummy
Water Wagons
Wild Goose Chaser, The
1924 All Night Long
Black Oxfords
Bull and Sand
East of the Water Plug
Feet of Mud
First 100 Years, The
Flickering Youth
Galloping Bungalows
His New Mamma
Little Robinson Corkscrew
Lizzies of the Field
Love's Sweet Piffle
Off His Trolley
Riders of the Purple Cows
Romeo and Juliet
Scarem Much
The Cannon Ball Express
The Cat's Meow
The Hollywood Kid
The Lion and the Souse
Three Foolish Weeks
Wall Street Blues
Wandering Waistlines
Yukon Jake


1945 Druhá světová válka 6: Začátek války v Americe
Two Down and One to Go
1944 Proč jsme bojovali VI.: Boje v Číně
1943 Druhá světová válka 2: Vpád nacistů
Druhá světová válka 5: Bitva o Rusko
Proč jsme bojovali IV.: Boje v Británii
1942 Divide and Conquer
Proč jsme bojovali I.: Předehra k válce

Herecká filmografie


1980 Hollywood (TV seriál)

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