Ella Hall

  • nar. 17.3.1897
    Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
  • zem. 3.9.1981 (84 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1933 Vášeň generála Yena
1932 Taxi!
1930 Madam Satan
1923 The Flying Dutchman
The West~Bound Limited
1922 In the Name of the Law
The Third Alarm
1921 The Great Reward
1919 Under the Top
1918 A Mother's Secret
Beauty in Chains
New Love for Old
The Heart of Rachael
Three Mounted Men
Which Woman?
1917 A Jewel in Pawn
Her Soul's Inspiration
My Little Boy
Polly Redhead
The Charmer
The Little Orphan
The Spotted Lily
1916 A Child of Circumstances
Little Eve Edgarton
Secret Love
The Boob's Victory
The Bugler of Algiers
The Crippled Hand
The Heart of a Show Girl
The Love Girl
The Silent Man of Timber Gulch
The Silent Member
The Unfinished Case
The Winning of Miss Construe
Yust from Sweden
1915 A Boob's Romance
Betty's Dream Hero
Both Sides of Life
Christmas Memories
Idols of Clay
Mavis of the Glen
Shattered Memories
The Little Blonde in Black
The Silent Command
1914 A Fool and His Money
A Modern Fairy Tale
An Awkward Cinderella
An Episode
At the Foot of the Stairs
For the Secret Service
His Uncle's Will
Lost by a Hair
Olaf Erickson, Boss
Out of the Darkness
The Boob's Legacy
The Boob's Nemesis
The Bowl of Roses
The Career of Waterloo Peterson
The Coward Hater
The Decision
The Female of the Species
The Hedge Between
The House Discordant
The Little Sister
The Man Who Slept
The Master Key
The Mistress of Deadwood Basin
The Pursuit of Hate
The Spy
The Stone in the Road
The Symphony of Souls
The Triumph of Mind
The Weaker Sister
When Fate Disposes
White Roses
Woman's Burden
1913 James Lee's Wife
Local Color
Love in the Dark
Parson Jim's Baby
The Blood Brotherhood
The Haunted Bride
The Jew's Christmas
The Mask
When Love Grows Up
1912 Hot Stuff
The School Teacher and the Waif


1914 The Great Universal Mystery

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