Leah Baird

  • nar. 20.6.1883
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • zem. 3.10.1971 (88 let)
    Hollywood, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1957 Hard Man, The
1955 How to Be Very, Very Popular
1945 Mildred Pierceová
1943 This Is the Army
1942 Kings Row
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady
1941 Lidská síla
1927 King Harold
Should a Mason Tell?
Their Second Honeymoon
1925 The Unnamed Woman
1924 Fangs of the Wolf
1923 Destroying Angel
Is Divorce a Failure?
The Miracle Makers
1922 Don't Doubt Your Wife
When Husbands Deceive
When the Devil Drives
1921 The Bride's Confession
The Heart Line
1920 Cynthia of the Minute
1919 As a Man Thinks
The Capitol
The Echo of Youth
The Volcano
1918 Life or Honor?
Moral Suicide
Wolves of Kultur
1917 A Sunset
A Woman of Clay
Old Faithful
One Law for Both
Sins of Ambition
The Devil's Pay Day
The Fringe of Society
The Old Toymaker
1916 A Caliph of the New Bagdad
Lights of New York
Primal Instinct
The Bond of Blood
The Eyes of Love
The Harbor of Happiness
The People vs. John Doe
The Road of Many Turnings
Would You Forgive Her?
1915 A Question of Right or Wrong
For Another's Crime
Hearts to Let
Saints and Sinners
The Dawn of Understanding
The Gods Redeem
The Millionaire's Hundred Dollar Bill
The Radium Thieves
The Return of Maurice Donnelly
The Romance of a Handkerchief
The Ruling Power
The Slightly Worn Gown
The Way of the Transgressor
Tried for His Own Murder
1914 Absinthe
Across the Atlantic
An Affair for the Police
Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds
His Dominant Passion
His Last Chance
His Wedded Wife
Jim Webb, Senator
Love and a Lottery Ticket
Neptune's Daughter
On the Chess Board of Fate
Out of the Far East
The Doctor's Deceit
The Flaming Diagram
The Man That Might Have Been
The Man Who Knew
The Old Rag Doll
The Price of Sacrilege
The Sea Coast of Bohemia
The Senator's Brother
The Silver Loving Cup
The Upper Hand
Through the Snow
Watch Dog of the Deep
When the World Was Silent
1913 A Birthday Gift
A Soul in Bondage
Bunny and the Bunny Hug
Cutey and the Chorus Girls
Hearts of the First Empire
His House in Order; or, The Widower's Quest
Love and a Throne
Mr. and Mrs. Innocence Abroad
My Lady of Idleness
Red and White Roses
That College Life
The Anarchist
The Child Stealers of Paris
The Diamond Mystery
The Golden Hoard; or, Buried Alive
The Heart of Mrs. Robins
The House in Suburbia
The Lady and the Glove
The Locket; or, When She Was Twenty
The Only Veteran in Town
The Stronger Sex
The Two Purses
There's Music in the Hair
Time Is Money
Vampire of the Desert
1912 A Cure for Pokeritis
A Leap Year Proposal
A Woman
Adam and Eve
All for a Girl
Counsel for the Defense
Following the Star
Lord Browning and Cinderella
Mrs. Carter's Necklace
Stenographers Wanted
Sue Simpkins' Ambition
The Adventure of the Italian Model
The Black Sheep
The Dawning
The Days of Terror; or, In the Reign of Terror
The Extension Table
The Face or the Voice
The Foster Child
The Gamblers
The Miracle
The Night Before Christmas
The Nipper's Lullaby
The Old Silver Watch
The Red Barrier
The Spider's Web
The Way of a Man with a Maid
Working for Hubby
1911 The Wooing of Winifred
1910 Jean and the Waif

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