Marin Sais

  • nar. 2.8.1890
    San Rafael, California, USA
  • zem. 31.12.1971 (81 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1947 Big Town After Dark
1945 Lightning Raiders
1940 The Shadow
1939 Lone Star Pioneers
1938 Phantom Gold
Pioneer Trail
1937 Windjammer
1935 Outlaw Rule
The Circle of Death
1934 Rawhide Romance
Wheels of Destiny
When Lightning Strikes
1929 Come and Get It!
1927 Men of Daring
Rough and Ready
The Fighting Three
The Harvester
1926 The Wild Horse Stampede
1925 A Roaring Adventure
The Red Rider
1924 Behind Two Guns
The Measure of a Man
1923 Wolf Tracks
1921 Dead or Alive
Hills of Hate
The Broken Spur
The Sheriff of Hope Eternal
1919 Bonds of Honor
1918 The City of Dim Faces
The Vanity Pool
1915 Ham Among the Redskins
Ham at the Garbage Gentleman's Ball
Ham in a Harem
Ham's Harrowing Duel
Lotta Coin's Gold
The 'Pollywogs' Picnic
The Barnstormers
The Girl Detective
The Phoney Cannibal
The Tragedy of Bear Mountain
1914 Micky Flynn's Escapade
The Barrier of Ignorance
The Bond Eternal
The Fatal Opal
The Potter and the Clay
The Primitive Instinct
The Quicksands
The Rajah's Vow
The Smugglers of Lone Isle
The Winning Whiskers
1913 A Streak of Yellow
On the Brink of Ruin
Red Sweeney's Mistake
The Attack at Rocky Pass
The Bandit's Child
The Battle for Freedom
The Big Horn Massacre
The Boomerang
The Buckskin Coat
The California Oil Crooks
The Cheyenne Massacre
The Chinese Death Thorn
The Circle of Fate
The Fight at Grizzly Gulch
The Girl and the Gangster
The Honor System
The Invaders
The Last Blockhouse
The Man Who Vanished
The Mountain Witch
The Poet and the Soldier
The Redemption
The Scheme of Shiftless Sam Smith
The Skeleton in the Closet
The Struggle
Trooper Billy
1912 Accidents Will Happen
Brave Old Bill
Days of '49
Death Valley Scotty's Mine
Dr. Skinnem's Wonderful Invention
I Saw Him First
In Peril of Their Lives
Pat the Soothsayer
Paying the Board Bill
Something Wrong with Bessie
The Bachelor's Bride
The Beauty Parlor of Stone Gulch
The Chaperon Gets a Ducking
The Girl Bandit's Hoodoo
The Kidnapped Conductor
The Mine Swindler
The Pony Express Girl
The Swimming Party
The Tenderfoot's Troubles
Walk, You, Walk!
1911 He Who Laughs Last
How Texas Got Left
The 'Revenue' and the Girl
The Mesquite's Gratitude
The Ranger's Stratagem
1910 Twelfth Night

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