Morgan Wallace

  • nar. 26.7.1881
    Lompoc, California, USA
  • zem. 12.12.1953 (72 let)
    Tarzana, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1946 The Falcon's Alibi
1945 Dick Tracy
I'll Remember April
Song of the Sarong
1944 Kismet
Plynové lampy
1941 Adventure in Washington
Design for Scandal
Forbidden Passage
Harmon of Michigan
Honky Tonk
In Old Colorado
Scattergood Meets Broadway
Sea Raiders
1940 Blame It on Love
Ellery Queen, Master Detective
I Love You Again
My Little Chickadee
Parole Fixer
Spring Parade
Teddy the Rough Rider
Tři muži z Texasu
1939 Broadway Serenade
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation
Star Reporter
The Mystery of Mr. Wong
The Star Maker
Timber Stampede
Union Pacific
1938 A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: They're Always Caught
Billy the Kid Returns
Delinquent Parents
Gang Bullets
Hold That Kiss
Letter of Introduction
Numbered Woman
The Lady in the Morgue
Three Comrades
Woman Against Woman
1937 Charlie Chan at the Olympics
The Californian
Under Suspicion
1936 Byl jsem lynčován
Dangerous Waters
Human Cargo
Love on a Bet
Mister Cinderella
Pennies from Heaven
Robin Hood z Eldorada
Sutter's Gold
The House of Secrets
1935 'Hit-and-Run Driver'
1,000 Dollars a Minute
Danteho peklo
Goin' to Town
Mary Burns, Fugitive
Murder on a Honeymoon
Orchids to You
The Headline Woman
Thunder Mountain
Žena a tatrman
1934 Cheating Cheaters
College Rhythm
David Harum
I Believed in You
It's a Gift
Many Happy Returns
Nový život
The Meanest Gal in Town
The Third Sex
The Trumpet Blows
Three on a Honeymoon
Veselá vdova
1933 Above the Clouds
Golden Harvest
Jennie Gerhardt
Mama Loves Papa
Mr. Skitch
Píseň písní
Smoke Lightning
Terror Aboard
The Prizefighter and the Lady
1932 Central Park
Fast Companions
Hell's House
If I Had a Million
Lady and Gent
Lidé v hotelu
Plavovlasá Venuše
Steady Company
The Beast of the City
The Final Edition
The Mouthpiece
The Wet Parade
Wild Girl
1931 Alexander Hamilton
Expensive Women
It Pays to Advertise
Safe in Hell
Smart Money
The Maltese Falcon
The Ruling Voice
The Unholy Garden
Women Go on Forever
1930 Big Money
Up the River
1924 A Woman Who Sinned
Daring Love
Reckless Romance
1923 The Dangerous Maid
The Fighting Blade
The Hotel Mouse
1922 Hrůzyplná noc
1921 Děti velké revoluce
Ulice snů
1920 Flying Pat
1919 Bringing Up Betty
1914 Chaplin honí dolary
Chaplin na automobilových závodech

Režijní filmografie


1914 Caught in a Flue

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